Horoscopes January 20th – January 26th



Things begin to lighten up for you this week. Your social life begins to take precedence over last week’s work load. Mars continues to agitate your seventh house. We can agree to disagree this week. Peter Tosh once said that “Peace is the diploma they give you at the cemetery.” You have some intelligent people in your court who can help you come up with a game plan for the future. This is a good time to throw a party and to celebrate the returning sun and the joys of mid-winter.


Venus is still turning backwards in her retrograde mode. Creativity and love is felt more easily than it is expressed. Explore love in a way that is as unique and unusual as an eskimo kiss. Responsibility is your new theme this week. Your focus should be on career and what you can do. You’ll have a better handle on what your sense of duty is. Physically you can gain strength during this period. Be aware of your best talents and skills. Any leadership ability you have will begin to be expressed.


Sometimes when things are going well we hardly notice it at all. Take a car that runs well or a trip that ends up timely: there may be no frustration, yet there is all too often little appreciation. Look for joy and humor in everyday situations. Stop taking things for granted. Instead of saying “I deserve this,” try rephrasing it as “I appreciate this.” Find a way to do small things with a great amount of love. Your creative projects and romantic journeys will begin to take on a life of their own.


We are not in control during this period. Sometimes we must deal with swallowing some type of poison in order to avoid a worse fate. The good news is that there are many positive alliances to be made during this period that will help you to enjoy more than could be enjoyed by you alone. Giving is winning. Your libido is getting stronger. For whatever you are losing, real gains need to be made. Thursday afternoon through Saturday you discover the things that really matter to your heart.


Your opinion counts more when you make room for others. We are not all like you or wanting to move in your direction. Even if you are right in what you say. Peacefully enter conflict. Break out of old and useless patterns. Look for the good and praise it. Romance gets better. Problems from the past will be less worry some. By Sunday you’ll be in your heart space feeling generous, loving and creative. After all, isn’t this what you were working towards in the first place?


It is difficult not to be a nit-picker when there are so many problems and challenges at hand. You are the “Dutch Boy” with your finger in the dyke, and the child in The Emperors New Clothes who exclaims, “The King is naked.” On Monday the moon will be in Virgo. Keep looking for solutions without being overwhelmed by the problems. Learn to appreciate what you are going through. Sing sacred songs. Be more charitable. Find a way to engage in more team building exercises.


Being fair to yourself may mean going at it alone these days. You have more energy than you normally have. Your creative side begins a rebirthing journey. Your new mantra might be, “There is beauty even in the waste dump.” Bigger goals seem more attainable. The moon will be in Libra Tuesday through Thursday morning. The bigger the risk perhaps the greater reward. Take care of finances towards the end of the week. Good efforts attract great supporters. Plant seeds on fertile ground.


Once rules are made it is human nature to try and find ways of bending them. Be slicker than a corporate master. Be kinder than a legendary saint. Show your values in what you buy, eat, say and do. There are no losers and no winners. There is only honest effort and lazy fraudulence. Pay your bills. Don’t cheat friends or anyone else. Your values are never hidden, but are seen in all your actions. Don’t pretend or try to fit in. Be as real as you want other people to be with you.


Find the poem that honors you for who you really are. We fall in love not so much as to make our lives easier, but to invite deeper lessons as to where our motivations lead us. It is usually us more than the other person that takes us to this place in life. Honor siblings and childhood friends. Be a better neighbor. Take the time to befriend your natural environment. Saturday night through Sunday the moon will be in Sagittarius. A fun loving attitude of freedom and exploration should be shared by all.


Envy, jealousy, and disappointment are teaching tools to get back into your soul. These next four weeks are about personal reflection, intimacy and the question of the type of karma that you are creating for yourself. Thursday afternoon through Saturday you’ll be able to master deeper learning. It’s best to take advantage of all the alone time you can get. Help others who may be isolated, incarcerated or hospitalized. Keep a dream journal of all your wildest dreams.


Happy Birthday and welcome to your first week of your season. You give up much to enjoy the company of others. You are annoyed by small minds. Last month revealed what was working for you and what was hurting, or hindering you. You have the ear of the universe since you are the flavor of the month. Come forward with your best plans. Seek a dream that unites peoples hearts. Find a job that fulfills your best talents and skills. Try doing things differently from your normal patterns this week.


I am happy and grateful to share this effort of getting to know ones self better. Your search is for the deep stuff. You have little time for trivial B.S.. If something is earth shaking, you’ll be there. The moon will be in Scorpio Thursday afternoon through most of Saturday. Be the mystical, sexual, creative joker that you were always meant to be. Keep things toned down enough for the “muggles” as well as for the authority figures in your family. Allow people to digest new information in slow bites.

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