Horoscopes January 13th – January 19th



The conflict is real but it is also negotiable. The public demands more from you this week. Be sure to cultivate your best talents and skills. Wednesday’s full moon has something to do with your mother and the older women in your life. It’s o.k. to be wrong and it’s natural to be angry.


Think like you’ve never ever really had true love before. Most people are somewhat incapable due to their own self obsessions. Wait, this may just be your problem. If you want or need love you are in for a challenge. It’s better to focus on building things slowly. The full moon may include a poetic breakthrough. Get to know neighbors and close friends.


You are smarter than usual. It’s time to get a head start on some new knowledge. Don’t take things too personally or you’ll fail before you even begin. The full moon will help you to sing a new song. It might also give you a bad case of the munchies. Sex, death, birth, and occult studies have been your obsession. Be smart, but be compassionate.


This week puts you in the driver’s seat. You are both more attractive and more fortunate than usual. You are likely to be blessed by reaching new goals in creative fields. Keep a spiritual attitude when it comes to the full moon. Many people will be wearing their emotions on their sleeve. Money will be made later in the week.


You begin the week trying to fit your work schedule into the schedule of others. Nothing comes easy and health concerns may need to be addressed. The full moon deals directly with your personal karma. Your intuition is high especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay with the task at hand and try to help others along the way.


This week may have something to do with your social standing and the karma that you’ve made for yourself. On the positive note you are surging with creative energy and have a willingness to be loving. You are looking for reliable friends. The full moon has you socializing with prosperous friends. The moon will be in Virgo Saturday night through Sunday giving you an extra boost.


Doing things your way feels right at this time. Mars in your first house is driving you like a warrior or a race car driver. Relationships on the home front may be a little bit sticky with Venus in retrograde. Take care of problems as they come up. The full moon will bring a boost to your career. Friday and Saturday look good for going to parties, and cracking jokes.


This is the final week of Capricorn. Generally speaking we save the best for last. Transformation and deep insights continue to be had. Protect your home from sudden shocks or loose electrical wires. The full moon will effect your relationships in a most positive way. Negotiating stress between work and home is the challenge. The weekend may contain some adventure.


Values are still at the forefront of what you are perceiving. God lives in the praises of His people, so begin each day by saying uplifting things. Discover the alchemy of magic and expecting the best. You still need to deal with some difficult karma. The full moon will expand your knowledge of the great mysteries. You’ll probably have to submit to other peoples will.


I see you wanting to escape with your friends somewhere. I also see you personally being able to transmit some sort of healing and comfort. The full moon will bring out some of your finest creative potential. Be willing to work towards an exotic goal. Pay attention to messages in dreams, license plates and addresses. Relax on Saturday night and Sunday.


In some ways you feel as though you have been left in the dark. Your spiritual life and personal karma are the focus this week. Helping others that are isolated is the quickest way to changing your karma for the better. The full moon may effect your health as well as your work environment. The weekend looks good for romance.


Blooming where one is planted isn’t always easy. They say that a prophet is never honored in his home town. Be serious about your goals, eliminate distractions and seek the highest possibilities. Let the back-biters have their say. You can’t expect to change everyone. The full moon rules travel, higher knowledge and a generous and spiritual attitude.

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