Horoscopes for February 9th, 2015


We learn how to reach our potential this week. We see the value of making good karma. Begin by helping people who are isolated. Relationship issues, letting go, and trusting your intuition are part of this week’s theme. Your sense of adventure is strong on Thursday and Friday. Mercury going direct on Wednesday brings better ideas for dealing with the future. The weekend looks good for focusing on your talents and skills. You’re likely to be in the public eye as the party never ends. Learn to honor your friends in small but meaningful ways.


This is still a week where career opportunities are presenting themselves. Mercury goes direct on the 11th. You are now able to resolve issues concerning public image, career status, and being able to display your talents and skills. Venus continues to activate your eleventh house of socializing and helpful friends. Your plans for the future are important. Seek the people and places that you want to see. The weekend looks good for retreats, travel, education, and exotic experiences. Realize that you are luckier than usual. Invest that good fortune in a higher cause.


The first part of the week will be about organization and resolve. On the morning of Wednesday the 11th you’ll wake up to Mercury going direct. You’ll be able to process advanced information. Partnership, romance, and diplomacy will be strong. Plans that were kept in the background will begin to move forward. Travel, good fortune and the aspiration to live by a higher vibration is following you. Accept your ability to overcome darkness with light.


A good imagination and an artistic spirit go together. You feel a sense of love as the week begins. The essence of the week feels like change. Issues that are beyond your control may finally feel like they’re getting resolved. Be forgiving and open. Don’t hang-on to grudges. Whoever you don’t forgive controls you. Mercury goes direct on the 11th. Some improvements are coming. Stay positive and keep the faith. Be thankful for what you have. The weekend looks good for romance, diplomacy, and signing contracts.


Leo and Aquarius have similar traits: Both are capable of good leadership. Both have strong wills and lean slightly towards the “know it all syndrome.” Aquarius rules your partnership house. You tend to be warm, but attract partners that are aloof. Passions should be flying in your relationship. Thursday through Saturday morning looks especially fun. Be patient and let go of being in control. This too shall pass. Use the rest of the weekend to make up for lost sleep. Take care of practical matters such as bills and getting organized.


Do what you can to maintain your good health. Mercury going direct on the 11th brings new opportunities for your services. Do whatever it takes to be a good team player. View happiness as part of doing what you love. Having Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron in your seventh house is sure to bring up relationship issues. The weekend looks good for travel, creative expression, and having some playtime. You have what it takes to be a better lover, a better negotiator, and a better partner. Don’t worry about being wrong. Remain confident in your sense of purpose.


The moon will be in Libra most of Monday. Although the moon is void of course, you move through the day with a sense of harmony and ease. As I said to Virgo, it’s important that you love what you do. Mercury going direct will allow more flow in your creative life. There’s a chance you’ll improve your economic situation. Watch your health. You are what you eat. The weekend looks good for visiting parents or staying close to home. If you’re feeling hyper-sensitive make space for yourself to be alone and nurture your feelings.


Any good plan deserves a good foundation to be based upon. Work on the things that feel right to you. The moon will be in Scorpio late Monday night through Wednesday. Your best ideas begin to move forward on Wednesday. During the rest of the week you’ll be making money, gathering information, and perhaps finding a new song to sing. Creative projects need constant attention. Be more aware of the healing ways of love. The more you give, the greater your capacity to receive is. Forgiveness is essential for moving on.


Jupiter continues to move retrograde. Ask yourself: “what does real wisdom impart?” Why do people seem slowed down from developing a conscience? The moon will be in Sagittarius Thursday morning through early afternoon Saturday. This is a good time to practice writing, communicating, and gathering information. Physical activity is good for the soul. Being out in nature aids in obtaining peace of mind. The weekend looks good for making meals, making money, and singing songs.


Fulfilling the goals that match your values is part of this week’s scenario. Finishing the job in order to enjoy the right kind of manifestation is what this week is all about. Make a good impression on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday are good for socializing and for making future plans. Mercury going direct on the 11th could help you financially. Be aware of the needs of those around you, neighbors, friends, siblings and homeless people. The moon will be in Capricorn Saturday afternoon and Sunday. You are the change that you want to see.


Another week of renewal is on hand. This is a good time to honor the people in your social life. This is also a good time to find ways to increase your income. Be conscious about honoring your good ideas. Manifestation often requires a push. Let the universe know that you are serious and mean business. Focus on performance early in the week. As the week progresses get in touch with your helpful friends. The weekend will be best for resting, completing projects, and doing things to benefit those less fortunate than you.


There is no quick fix when you are in the midst of a crisis. Take this opportunity to seek solutions. You still have the leadership ability to impress and guide those that need help. Tuesday and Wednesday are your luckiest days this week. You’ll learn to be better in your field. Don’t be surprised if you have more responsibilities on Thursday and Friday. Be confident and act with beauty and integrity. The weekend looks good for socializing, throwing parties and preparing for the future. Pay attention to messages in dreams.