Horoscopes February 3rd – 9th



You’re in the middle of your most sociable season. Helpful friends, future plans, and many parties and meetings are filling your days. Monday and Tuesday are strong for you, with the moon in Aries. Surprise news may come to you. Bring more art and beauty to your workplace. Don’t hesitate to take on creative challenges. Relationship issues are unpredictable. My best advice is to remain humble and roll with the punches. The weekend is good for getting out in nature.


Responsibility is your middle name at this point. Career changes could happen swiftly. Know that you will be in the public eye and that it’s important that you show your best work. Venus in your ninth house implies that it would be good for you to educate yourself on some advanced subjects. The moon will be in Taurus Wednesday through early Friday morning. Be ready to initiate new and positive ideas. Help others be more organized and work on improving your own physical health.


It’s not a rumor, Mercury goes retrograde this week. The three weeks of communication madness begin Thursday the 6th and won’t go direct till February 28th. Get all your paperwork in order early in the week. Don’t make any unnecessary purchases until Mercury goes direct. Late Friday morning the moon moves into Gemini and stays there until Sunday night. This is your time to enjoy good fortune and to shine like a bright light. Take calculated risks to improve your situation.


This is a good time to pray for a miracle. Put positive energy out, in the sense that you should visualize the result you would like to see. How you relate to the world and how you would like to relate to the world is a major theme. The heaviness of death, birth, sex and other people’s property is all around you. Know who your real friends are and ask them for help when you need it. No one can go it alone. We are alive due to other peoples love. Surrender to the things you have no control over.


Knowledge moves slowly, while will happens by impulse. Be aware of your impulsive side. Have the patience to learn and investigate. You may be searching for the kind of soulmate that balances you out. Be the kind of person that you would like to fall in love with. Monday and Tuesday are energetic and lucky days for you. Be aware of the people that would like to be in contact with you. The weekend looks good for socializing and parties. Practice letting other people have the last word.


You are ready to help where it is needed. It’s best to get most of your work done early in the week, before Mercury goes retrograde Thursday afternoon. Remain flexible and humble as the week begins. You may be rewarded with some sort of blessing as the week goes on. Stay flexible and ready to move for the benefit of the team. Keep in mind the needs of pets, uncles and aunts. Strive to see the bigger picture. The weekend looks good for performance art and demonstrating your talents and skills.


Feel the love. Be your own object of affection. I rate you as the sign that is most likely to love themselves. I also rate you as the sign that is most likely to be distracted by other people. Bloom with love for where you live and for your family. Be aware of your personal health needs and do what you can to fortify your health. Make sure that the people you work with are doing their part as well. Expansion at the workplace could become a challenge. Keep a creative and fun perspective while negotiating challenges.


The money is finally beginning to flow. Don’t take it for granted by overspending. Save some cash for a rainy day. Career efforts will be recognized. Wednesday and Thursday will be good days for children and creative projects. Continue to share your insights with older and more experienced people. The weekend looks good for getting organized and continuing on your career path. Eat right. Give praises and compliments more frequently. Do what you can to improve your self image.


Generosity and a love of freedom is the name of your game. You may need to be a little more modest, and be able to accept some self restriction and discipline in order to reach your goal. The week begins on a creative and open-minded note. Your focus is on friends, siblings, communication and working with your hands. The weekend looks good for negotiations, romance and being diplomatic. Don’t sign anything between the 6th and the 28th of this month. Work on healing family relationships.


In order to make dreams become a reality you’ll need to be fearless in the face of adversity. This is a good time for you to do your own psycho-analysis. Be brave enough to let go of the things that aren’t working for you. Be confident enough to move ahead with your talents and skills. Some of your personal needs deserve a public hearing. Many things are best kept on the back burner for the next few weeks. The weekend looks good for dealing with family issues.


Deep knowledge often comes through suffering and pain. Real experience is felt from your personal history. When we ignore our passions we end up betraying our soul. Use your imagination as if it were a magical friend. Enjoy the pleasures of the bed when you can. Be aware of females around you who tend towards deception. Get acquainted with your own capacity for leadership. The weekend looks good for celebrating matters of the heart. You’ll get more creative juice.


Stay calm when challenges present themselves. A little bit of emotional stress is normal. You can’t control everything and if you could, you would find life to be a bore. Meaningful and diligent effort will get the job done. When one way doesn’t work, move over to plan “B” or “C.” Be sweet to your neighbors and friends. Do things to beautify your environment. Allow your secret enemies to fall prey to their own traps. Be kind to friends and foes alike. Let your life be a testimony for how others should live.

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