Horoscopes February 24th — March 2nd


The nature of your confronta- tions will be suppressed, or will go underground after
this Saturday. There is a slim chance that things will heat up, but more likely they will be put on the back burner. This is a time for sleep, sex, dream- ing, and making good karma. Pay bills, take care of overdue taxes, and fix that which was broken. Communications should improve as Mercury goes direct early Friday morn- ing. The new moon Friday brings heightened imagina- tion, a sense of isolation and the need to help others in the same boat.


Roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some serious work. Accomplishments may seem to have been put on hold. Once the new moon happens Friday night you’ll be able to see the light about what is necessary and what can wait. Continue to work on family issues. Finding your comfort zone will be best worked on Wednesday and Thursday. The new moon represents health issues, service work and the opportunity to be a better team player. By Sunday you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.


Make friends. Be visible in a variety of social settings. The new moon Friday night brings parties, meetings, and helpful friends in your vicinity. Work on planning for the future. This is perhaps your last really good week for travel for the next several weeks. Explore your options carefully. We often get more done when we stay put. Think in terms of the kind of progress that you would like to make. Don’t ignore the need to exercise, or think that you can cheat on your diet.


Your creative self is itching to play. Don’t neglect the things you do well. Music, writing, painting, and sketching are good places to start. Dancing and theatrics go with this week’s transits as well. The new moon encourages you to open your heart more. Be attentive to the children in your life. Be the kind of lover that you would like to have. Your imagination should be percolating. Do things without fear. It feels like you’re getting a handle on your situation. Love as many people as you know how.


Mercury goes direct for you this Friday. You’ll be thinking more clearly, as well as be able to get more done. Truth can be twisted. Politicians and people in positions of power often become experts at twisting the truth. Don’t believe them. Return to your creative process. Realize that you have your own brand of authority. The new moon will have you more in the public eye. Career moves are likely. This is not a time to hide. Be ready to display your talents and skills. Be open to more responsibility.


Learn to explore the inner workings of your family. Be curious about the history
of your loved ones. Stretch your concept of what being grounded means. Be real with your feelings about certain situations. The new moon makes you more intuitive.

It also makes you more sensitive to your upbringing and past incidents. By Sunday you’ll have a glimpse at
the things that are worth celebrating. Be conscious about the things you can change. Have grace when
it comes to needing to step away from something.


I said this to you before and I’ll say it to you again: Take more risks. This is no time for playing it safe. In order to get what you really want, you’ll need

to take a chance of some sort. Believe in your dreams. Go back to school, take a trip, get your book published or start a rehab center. The possibilities are endless. The new moon emphasizes philosophy, higher knowledge, exotic experiences and foreign cultures. Most

of all, be open to learning new things. Be patient when it looks like others have the upper hand.


Communication may have been skewed over the last couple of weeks. This week you have your chance to right wrongs and to put things back together. Love issues that

you may have had around Christmas time may finally
get resolved. The new moon helps you to look at your environment more objectively. Mercury going direct on Friday may even help you to locate a lost item. You begin the week empowered with the moon in Capricorn along with Venus and Pluto. Look

for opportunities to improve things.


We can’t control much of what is around us. Being gracious while other people are in power isn’t an easy job. You may feel that you have had to swallow your pride

so many times that you’re about to throw up. Relax and know that you are well-loved. Your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. You just need to ask for help and the right people will show up. The new moon can peak your interest in the occult. The fear of death, birth, and sex are part of the scenario. You’ll find a balance somewhere.


Wealthier Aquarians like
to show off their values by buying a hybrid vehicle. More modest ones just chose to ride their bicycle or use public transportation. You have a song in your heart worth singing. Say “thank you” more often. The new moon gives you the opportunity to put
on a new face. The moon will be in Aquarius on Wednesday and Thursday; these are good days for you to implement your plans. The new moon will help you manifest the resources needed to take
the next step. Watch your personal environment as well as the public.


Clinical precision and being right all the time don’t go so well with this season. Look to Monday and Tuesday for doing your best creative works.

Be very focused on getting things done on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday’s new moon puts the emphasis
on partnerships, contracts and being diplomatic. The weekend could prove to be romantic. Plan something nice to do with a loved one, or just allow things to flow where they need to. Mercury goes direct Friday morning, thus getting things accomplished begins to get easier.


In order to move forward you may need to pull back a little. Review where you have been. The influence of the new moon in Pisces is strong both Friday and Saturday. This is the time to put your dreams in motion. Creativity and generosity go hand in hand. Be available for friends earlier this week. Take some personal time to yourself on Wednesday and Thursday. Being inclusive and doing the right thing is more challenging than it sounds. Do things to end the week with a clean slate.

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