Horoscopes – February 2, 2015


Look around at the people in your social circle. Chances are good that you are experiencing some kind of karma with these people. What part of you feels isolated and not heard? Deal with creative projects early in the week. Continue to ignore the “he said she said” phenomena. Make progress by keeping a to do list. The weekend looks good for romance, visiting friends, and getting contracts. Keep on working with your artistic medium. Try to stay conscious amidst circumstances that may be out of your control.


There will be a full moon this Tuesday in your house of parents, feelings, and living situation. Your intuition will be strong. Your sense of memory is strengthened as well. Thursday and Friday has a strong creative vibe for you. Continue to pay attention to career opportunities that may come your way. More social invitations are likely to come your way, with Venus transiting your eleventh house. What do you do that serves the public’s best interest? Work on cultivating your talents and skills by taking them to places where other people can see and appreciate them.


Wherever you go, there you are. Even though our environment affects us, what we carry within us remains the strongest. Your relationship to your siblings, friends and neighbors will be illuminated by Tuesdays full moon. Mercury continues on it’s retrograde path. It seems to to normalize confusion when we acknowledge Mercury as a symbol of our brain function and communication technique. Being comfortable in unfamiliar territory is key to your survival. You are luckier than usual these days. Take this opportunity to work magic.


Losses can be blessings in disguise. Don’t take anything at face value. There are deeper truths that are yet to be revealed. The full moon highlights finances, personal values, and other people’s property. Ask for help from others. Don’t give up if things don’t appear to be working out. It may take several tries before you know your success. There is good fortune coming your way, with Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron working to make you the best that you can be. The weekend looks good for staying at home or visit with parents and grandparents.


You have much to be grateful for. The sun is in your seventh house of relationships. Learn to be more of a peacemaker and less of a poop stirrer. This full moon is all about you in the middle degrees of Leo. How does your personal will clash with your partner’s limitations? This is a time of growth and pleasure. Sometimes there are growing pains. Jupiter conjoining the moon gives you a feeling of excitement and anticipation of something good. The weekend looks good for short, trips, hanging out with the locals and working with your hands.


The work is in front of you. Continue to work toward positive results. Create a feeling of team spirit while you work with others. Charitable causes are good to help with during this period. Take note of your own personal health issues. Be more willing to give up things that might be compromising your health. Stay focused on the task in front of you. The full moon will light up your intuition and lead you to help those that are isolated. The moon will be in Virgo Wednesday evening through much of Saturday morning. Be open to other people’s desires.


It’s time to be more creative. Artistic projects deserve your full attention. Mercury retrograde can even help you focus on the inconsistencies in life. Consider the matters of the heart more often. Love what you do and do what you love. The full moon will be an opportunity to party and meet others. It’s also a good time to participate in future planning. The weekend will be splendid with the moon in Libra. Be prepared to initiate some of your best ideas. Seek plans that work toward education, celebration and the nurturing of children.


This is a time when you do a lot of looking within. It can be tempting to get sentimental and to lose track of time. You may need to consult parents or older adults in your household. The full moon on Tuesday will affect your performance at work. Be sure to use the best of your talents and skills. Your abilities are about to get more recognition. Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Chiron activate your creative abilities. It will be best to lay low over the weekend and take care of any personal issues. Do things to improve the comfort of your home.


There is no place to move but forward. The full moon on Tuesday encourages travel, education, living by a higher philosophy, and getting published. You are more curious about your local environment. You are ready to expand lines of communication to siblings, old friends, and neighbors. Family issues are more intense. You may consider relocating. Pace yourself as the demands of work could be stronger toward the end of the week. The weekend brings an opportunity to socialize and meet up with friends.


Search for value in all that you do. Be impeccable in your word and your deeds. Communication issues are featured strongly with Mercury retrograde in your second house. Learn to listen twice before speaking once. Saturn in your twelfth house is teaching you to value your alone time. Write down the tasks that you need to accomplish this week. The full moon makes you somewhat dependent on other people for help. Meditation and prayer can help.Thursday and Friday are good for exploring different options as to where you need to go next.


This is your season of renewal and stepping forward. Initiate with the caution that things may need to be revised. Mercury retrograde in the first house is full of revisions. The full moon Tuesday could inspire romance and a greater sense of intimacy. Your ability to smoothly make peace with others may have you even amazing yourself. Don’t forget that you have friends in high places. The weekend looks great for travel, educational seminars, and just being lucky and grateful. Be sure that you are able to live up to your own values.


It may feel as though the clock has stopped and you find yourself running around in circles. You have more responsibility and you’re committed to seeing things through to a healthy conclusion. Be at peace with what the universe is giving you. You are highly motivated to lead and make changes. You have a healthy outlook on what it will take to make improvements. The full moon finds you helping others while you need to be helping yourself. Thursday and Friday are good days for, romance, making peace, and negotiating.