Horoscopes February 17th – 23rd



A shift happens this week. The party ends, and now it is time to hunker down and to get some real work done. Be careful not to lose your temper toward the beginning of the week, as you’ll be prone to having people challenge you. Be especially mindful on Tuesday. By the end of the week you’ll be feeling some sort of psychic relief. Try not to be over-confident, as this is a time when many other factors are hidden from you. Pay attention to your dreams, as well as the quality of your sleeping time.


Extra work seems to be on the agenda for this week. Pace yourself, because burnout can easily set in. Venus in the ninth house urges you to go on more adventures, to take the higher road, to be spiritually astute, and to be more generous to others. Wednesday night through Friday are good for romance and for working out relationship issues. Learning to be more diplomatic while you’re in the public eye is one theme. Be open to making new friends; new alliances could prove to be helpful.


Curiosity eventually puts you in a position of power. While taking the time to discover things, you find a place where you fit in. Mercury retrograde reminds us that nothing is permanent. Everything is borrowed, and ownership passes with your passing. You begin the week with a positive burst of strength, creativity and playfulness. You get down to the real business of work as the week progresses. The weekend looks good for romance, negotiation, flirtation, and finding balance.


Trust your feelings. Much of the previous week’s difficulties will begin to dissolve. You’ll find yourself being happier, and perhaps grateful for something. It may be difficult to separate yourself from the past and the hardships that you may have endured. Wednesday night through Friday you feel more creative, playful and generous. The weekend looks good for charitable causes and getting organized. Prospects for travel and movement will be reviewed. Find something worth believing in and commit to it.


This week we dive deep into what makes us who we are on a personal level. Resist hearsay; investigation is a little more difficult than condemnation, but it’s worth the time you take to be sure about any issue. Family and domestic difficulties can be magnified. Stay the course and do the right thing. Life, in all its sexy mysteries, will be tapping on the doors of uncertainty. It’s OK not to be in power, and not to have the answers. The weekend looks good for pleasurable times, and dealing with matters of the heart.


This week you begin to come into balance. Your sense of duty is strong. Be open to outside influences as well as what other people have to say. Monday and Tuesday have economic opportunities. Mid week is for making art and making friends. The weekend is good for focusing on family issues and domestic projects. Do little things with lots of love. Learn to listen twice and to speak once. See yourself as more of a lover and as less of a critic. Welcome the more diplomatic you.


The moon enters your sign Monday at 10:23am PST, and hangs out there till Wednesday at 7:33pm. Try to keep a cool head on Tuesday when pressures seem to be building up. Kindness and patience win out. Thursday and Friday appear to be good for money making, singing and eating good food. The weekend looks good for enjoying the local environment, working with your hands and perhaps taking a small trip. Service work and helping others is a major theme now.


Your social life begins to take a turn towards the positive this week. In order to avoid any more Mercury retrograde mistakes, write down the things you need to do and scratch them off once they are done. Good communication is emphasized during this period. Be conscious as to how you come across to others Monday through Wednesday. The weekend looks good for holing up in your room and catching up on sleep. Otherwise, pay your bills and taxes, and make good karma.


We move away from the environment of our peers to the environment of our elders. Look deep and explore age-old wisdom. You may never truly appreciate your parents until they’re gone. Be aware of domestic needs and practice using your memory more. You have good friends that help motivate you. Be aware of gifts that other people have given you. The moon will be in Sagittarius over the weekend. Find a way to explore options as you enter a place of heightened consciousness.


At 10am PST Tuesday, the sun enters Pisces. It is your time to shine, as well as have things your way. Your best days this week are likely to be Thursday and Friday while the moon transits your ninth house of luck and good fortune. Spiritual and emotional renewal are coming your way. The weekend has you in the public eye. Think in terms of talents you’ve inherited from your mother’s side of the family.


Say goodbye to being the flavor of the month this Tuesday as the sun leaves your sign for Pisces. Now is the time to manifest and to express what your values really are. The expression “put your money where your mouth is” is the most accurate phrase to a second house transit. Get a neck rub. Invest in a worthy charitable cause. Be aware of female friends that may be using deception to get their way. Enjoy sensual pleasures while being responsible. The weekend looks good for parties.


Break out of cabin fever this week. Get out more and do the things you love. Pay attention to your children if you have them. Be the kind of lover that you would like to have. Explore your creative side more. See yourself as more of a leader. Recount the experiences in life that matter. Laugh, flirt and feel good. The moon will be in Scorpio Wednesday night through Friday. Consider this a good opportunity for deep emotional healing. The weekend is good for affirming your values.

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