Horoscopes for February 16th, 2015


A big shift happens this week. Your social life has a few more days left for you to take advantage of. Pay attention to your karmic connections. You may have some work to make up for. On Wednesday afternoon the sun and moon move into your twelfth house of isolation, meditation, dreams, and pleasures of the bed. Be careful not to be part of your own undoing. Mars, Venus, and the moon join Uranus and the South Node in Aries on Friday afternoon. The weekend looks good for initiating ideas, beginning new projects, and going on an adventure.


The things we do and our work environment lead us to a place where our social life develops. Begin the week conscious of your public image and career strategy. The new moon on Wednesday begins a time for new friendships as well as preparing for the future. Venus and Mars enter your twelfth house this week. Whatever karma that comes up will be a little more intense than usual; think Pandora opening her box. By late Sunday the moon enters Taurus, helping things to feel more settled. You may need to let the phone ring.


How can we bring more love and less fear into the world? You are being called to leadership this week. The moon and sun enter your career house on Wednesday, putting you more in the public eye. Relationship difficulties need to be addressed in a practical manner. Your social life gets activated to an extreme level this weekend. Don’t allow excitement to overcome the practical aspects of what needs to be done. You have so many good lessons to apply to yourself. Don’t be discouraged when the pressure is on. You are capable like no other.


You get to escape the sharp edges of life this week. You move from transformation to higher education and a streak of good luck. The sun and moon move into your ninth house of good fortune this week. This is a good time for travel and higher education. You stand a chance at a career promotion or a chance to be recognized for your talents and skills. Get over any shame and discomfort and liberate yourself to be a performer. This week, accept ways in which you can lead people effectively. Demonstrate compassion in the midst of conflict.


From the agreement of a relationship we move into intense territory. We come upon the place where we need to agree upon shared power. If you expect to be in control, the next several weeks will be more difficult than expected. If you allow other people to help you, you will be pleasantly surprised. On Wednesday, the moon and sun enter your eighth house of other people’s property, occult studies, sex, death, and spiritual phenomena. By Friday there will be Venus, Mars, the moon, Uranus and the South Node in your ninth house of travel, publishing, and higher wisdom.


We move through our service into partnership this week. A little bit of love spread generously will go a long way. Helping other people with their problems is good karma. Romance and partnership have been on your mind. What makes for the perfect match is the question. The moon and sun go into your seventh house on Wednesday afternoon. Your new focus will be relationships, contracts and romance. The weekend appears to be transformational. Count your blessings and be ready to get rid of the things that are not working for you.


Being playful and having fun has dominated the last several weeks. Staying healthy has been more of a challenge. Being creative has been a breeze. When it comes to love you wrote the book. You move from art into service and practical applications. The Sun and Moon move into your sixth house. You’re likely to be more focused on work, volunteer projects, and charitable causes. Venus, Mars, the moon, Uranus and the South Node in the seventh house over the weekend could inspire many different alliances. You’re ready for love again.


If you could go to boarding school on a whim, this might be the week you would try it. Dealing with family limitations has been part of your life the last several weeks. You’ve also gotten a creative second wind and are able to make things with ease. The sun and moon move into your fifth house of creative expression, playfulness, and love affairs. This weekend would be a great time to begin athletic training with Mars, Venus, the moon, the South Node, and Uranus all in your sixth house this weekend. Make a commitment to your health.


From roaming the natural environment we come to the conclusion that a certain spot might make for a nice home. We contact our siblings to discuss our parents. This week isn’t without social time. Deal with your friends earlier in the week rather than later. You’re more concerned with your personal life. The sun and moon move into your fourth house of parents, ancestors, and household dwellings. You want to be with the people you are most comfortable with. The weekend could inspire a heart opening joy as well as creative expansion.


Mental blocks eventually become the foundations of universal aspirations. Speak with finesse and elegance. Know that your values will need to adjust to community standards. The truth is that hypocrisy is everywhere. Our purpose on earth is to make good karma. The moon and sun enter your third house on Wednesday. Embrace the communication arts. Get in touch with your siblings. Be a positive force in your neighborhood. The weekend looks good for attending to domestic duties and honoring your parents.


Monday through early afternoon Wednesday your sign remains in control, with the moon, Mercury and sun in Aquarius. All of this changes Wednesday afternoon, with the sun and moon moving into your second house of values, money, family, and food. By the weekend everything shifts again, this time with an emphasis on communication, environment, and information. You are ready to address the issues of social change. Don’t allow your social life to tax your resources. Be sensitive to opportunities for economic progress.


The birth of fresh opportunities for you begins this week. You move less in the dream space and more in the world of consciousness. On Wednesday the moon and sun move into your sign and stay there till Friday afternoon. After that the Moon, Mars, and Venus join Uranus and the South Node in your second house. Issues involving finances are likely to change. Sing songs of praise and be thankful for what you have. The sun will remain in Pisces till the afternoon of March 20th. Until then, turn us on to your idea of a utopian society.