Horoscopes February 10th – 16th



My favorite quote from the movie Mars Attacks is, “Why can’t we all just get along?” I see this as pertinent to you, Aries. There are good friends, there are a few enemies, and then there are “frenemies.” These are people you may like but feel you can’t completely trust. Or people you admire, yet you know they hate your guts. The approaching full moon this week will help you get to the heart of the matter. It is never too late to be loving. The weekend looks good for service work and organizing things.


Home and family are key as of now. If your parents or grandparents are still alive, do what you can to let them know that you care. Pay attention to dreams and memories. How you feel is important. Do things to improve your home environment. Take a different route home from work or school just to break up your routine. The full moon can help you be honest about your feelings. The weekend looks good for romance, creative projects, being with children or just having some play time.


Indulge in the things that make you feel complete. This is a time to build up your personal confidence. This is also a time to be more loving towards yourself and towards others. Your sense of art is improving. Try to work on completing old projects during this mercury retrograde period. Miscommunication at the workplace is likely. Keep your peace and smile. You can still make a positive impact. Travel and educational pursuits get the green light. The weekend looks good for working on home and family issues.


The week begins on a positive note with the moon in Cancer through Wednesday morning. You’ve been going through some issues that are out of your control. Listen to what your intuition tells you. Valentine’s Day brings up sexual issues in a strong way with the full moon. Don’t eat your way out of unhappiness, with the exception that 69 is your sign. Learn the hard stuff and don’t be afraid of big challenges. The weekend looks good for communication, appreciating your environment, and loving your neighbor.


Your gift is to show us a sense of balance during these heady times. Matters of the heart still matter. The discussions you’ve had deal with deep issues. In some ways it’s easy to feel vulnerable. When you get a chance, meditate on something peaceful and fulfilling. The moon will be in Leo late Wednesday morning through most of Friday night. Combine this with the full moon in your sign and you are ready to be a sensitive and thoughtful lover. Be the kind of partner that you would like to have.


Through service we find our usefulness. If our relationships get confusing due to Mercury retrograde, check in with yourself and ask what you really wanted to communicate. This is a good time to get organized and get rid of useless clutter. People need your help during this period. Your joy increases as you enjoy being able to assist others. The weekend features the moon in Virgo. Be ready to have more people call upon your services. You invite romance, play, and creative activity as Venus moves through your fifth house.


There is no back seat for you. You are driving this wagon, and your fair leadership is needed. Justice has many sides. You might want to start with being fair to yourself. Monday and Tuesday have the responsibilities laid thickly on you, especially where work is concerned. You are moving from the heart while showing maximum leadership strength. Financial resources are being tapped to bare bones. The full moon shows you who’s a brother and who’s a sister. Get plenty of rest over the weekend.


Every week there will be another test of your values. Avoiding junk food may be one of them. The beginning of the week is good for negotiations, romance and making an effort to be diplomatic. Money issues are likely to come up before the full moon. You’ll need to exercise some patience and self restraint. The weekend looks good for travel, educational pursuits, and taking the higher ground. Be confident that you will move forward in spite of setbacks and family emergencies.


Bloom where you are planted. Love where you live, and live where you love. Take some time to communicate with siblings and old friends. Be aware of the talents you have with hands on skills. You’ll be feeling somewhat sensitive towards the beginning of the week. By midweek you’ll have your groove back on. The full moon may bring a flush of good luck to you. An attitude of gratitude will take you far. The weekend looks good for working on your talents and skills, as well as for working with the public.


You begin the week with a clear head and with some forward thinking. Do as much as you can early in the week. There is a good chance things will be somewhat out of your control as the latter part of the week progresses. This is especially true as far as work is concerned. The full moon Friday will be the peak day for lunatic activity. It’s best to save your romantic activities for the weekend when a more balanced approach to life is more easily obtained. Trust your intuition as karma is being made.


Engaging with others is more intense than usual this week. You still are the flavor of the month but you’ll need to deal with other folks concerns on a case-by-case basis. You’ll need to go over the plans you made two weeks ago. Wednesday afternoon through Friday is best for romance, negotiations and diplomacy. The full moon may reveal something about your significant other. The weekend is somewhat out of your hands. Just roll with things as they come up.


Get serious about family matters and the kind of home that you would like to live in. Balance responsibility with a resolve to meet with family, friends and to make new friends. Be open to learning new things, and be ready for travel as the week begins. Trust your memory and don’t be shy about asking your parents for help when you need it. The full moon could bring opportunities to show your talents and skills. Pray for those that might try to destroy your peace of mind. Party on the weekend.

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