Horoscopes December 9th – 15th



You can’t do it your way and still have a relationship. It seems to me that you’ve entered uncharted waters. Your only excuse is that you don’t understand as of yet. The moon will be in Aries early Tuesday morning through Thursday morning. Your influence is strong on these days. Risk taking is important, especially if it’s for a noble cause. Being uncomfortable might evolve into being excited. There is a good reason to explore meditation as well as some more unique spiritual options.


You are not completely in control at this point. Whatever is upsetting you seems to be because of someone or something else. Emotional control can lead to psychic insights. The moon will be in Taurus Thursday afternoon through most of Saturday. You are the answer to your dreams. Make an effort to show kindness. You can’t control other people. The more you blame them the more disempowered you become. Allow other people to help you and the wealth of a victory is shared. The celebration is sweet.


This is the time of year where you become the most conscious of your alliances and partnerships. To get the contract, you may need to be open to some sort of criticism. Respond with, “I appreciate you sharing that,” or, “I’m happy to learn from my mistakes.” Saturday night through Sunday you’ll have the moon in Gemini. You’re good at helping people see the other side of a story. It always takes two to tango. Recognizing other perspectives allows us to stretch our views and to be less attached to what we previously thought.


The moon is made of cheese! I just saw an online video that proves this. We are constantly being assaulted with useless information such as the previous statements. It doesn’t mean that we should stop being intellectually curious, it just means we need to take what we hear or see with a grain of salt. Teamwork requires a group mindset. Stop trying to be the hero, or feeling the need to be better than someone else. You are fine with being who you are. You may need to explore something different on Monday.


You may be doing well, but not necessarily everyone around you. Be in your heart and shine on with your natural love and generosity. Give courage to those that are shy. If you’re about to do something grand and bold make sure it includes others as well. Issues involving communication as well as self expression are more likely to come up. You may need to travel some during the middle of the week. Be smart and be careful not to overindulge in things. Challenges with family members need to be tempered with compassion.


Everyone has their roots and their beginning place. Some are like tumbleweeds that blow from one place to another, yet most adhere to some sort of tradition be it conscious or subconscious. Your ancestors went through many struggles to allow you to see this day. If your parents are still alive, it’s time to show them some appreciation. Seek out the people that represent your greater tribe or clan. What makes you feel more comfortable with some people as opposed to others? How can we stretch our hearts to be more inclusive?


Even if you live surrounded by wilderness, you are in a community. Your neighbors may be people, mountain lions, or termites. All beings have a purpose. Even mosquitos help feed birds and bats. During this time focus on communication. Get to know your peers and siblings better. Mars in your first house gives you a sense of independence and extra energy to get the job done. Stay active and be ready to take short trips to see friends, cousins and siblings. Indulge in your favorite form of art; be it cooking, painting, music or gardening.


Knowing people in high places has been a real asset to you. Authority figures can become helpful friends. You are showing more leadership when it comes to career and being a public figure. Activate your talents and skills. Pay attention to your dreams and be sure to get enough sleep. Look at the people around you as people you have karma with. Have conversations about spiritual matters and ways to make life easier for all those around you. Pay your bills and make good karma by being generous to those less fortunate.


Happy Birthday! To be lucky usually means that you’ve had your share of bad luck as well. Things are definitely beginning to look up for you. Your creative life gets a boost. Your ability to lead, teach and direct is becoming a joy to participate in. New creative starts are on the horizon. You are conscious of the things you want to accomplish. You may need to get someone elses approval before you can really move forward. Allow other people to help you or to gift you. Dig deep and shop on the underground.


The lesson this week is on how to have fun while staying conscious. Your level of lust and impatience can damage relationships. Be careful with what you say because the whole world seems to be listening. It’s hard to see what is real from what is fake. The love you have for others and for what you do creatively will be seen as your worthiness. The week begins strongly in your favor with the moon in Pisces. Avoid unplanned spending just because a certain item seems exciting. Chances are you don’t need it.


Listen to the wind. Find out who is poised to go places in the future. Good friends are a centerpiece of your life at this point. Be aware of your greatest gifts and your most promising skills. Seek advice of a good counselor. You may hear about a good job for yourself through friends. Break out of your own ghetto mentality. There might be more to this world than you already know. Take some time Sunday to rediscover what your creative gifts are. What makes us happy empowers us.


Your values come alive this week. You begin the week with a sense of personal power and leadership. Create a healthy boundary between real friends and those that don’t really understand what is going on with you and probably shouldn’t be involved with you. In other words, don’t fish where there is thin ice. Pray for those that might try to hurt you. Practice radical forgiveness and understanding. When spending money let it reflect your deepest values. If your soul is like fast food, buy fast food. If your soul is quality, then indulge in quality.

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