Horoscopes for December 8, 2014


You are ready to have a more exciting life. You have daredevil friends around you who will help lead the way. Put more energy into future planning. Pay more attention to your studies. Wednesday and Thursday are high powered creative energy days for you. Good fortune is at every bend in the road. Venus moves into your midheaven allowing you to do something beautiful. The weekend looks good for taking care of business, getting organized, paying attention to health issues or working for a charitable cause.


Dark times can make for some good art. There would be no blues if it wasn’t for hard times, we make lemonade out of lemons, and we repair garments with old rejected scraps. During the first part of the week it’s good to focus on personal ambitions. Venus moves into your ninth house Wednesday inspiring long distance relationships, musical projects, and exploring the creativity of other cultures. The weekend looks good for creative projects, love affairs or just playing with your kids. You may need to borrow money in order to fulfill your ambitions.


Everything valuable needs to be done for love. This week you come down from last weekend’s full moon. It’s time to take care of your personal life. You might need winter clothes or snow tires for your truck. You’ll maintain a good relationship to others by paying your bills and following through on your propositions. Practice diplomacy and be the lover that you wish you had. The weekend looks good for visiting parents, taking care of domestic duties, and researching your family history. Partner up with people who have a vision.


You begin the week on a strong note with the moon in Cancer on Monday and Tuesday. You are conscious of what you need to do to get things right. Avoid being too much of a perfectionist but attempt to retain some sort of order. Continue to watch your health and avoid excess sweets. Be a team player. Group projects go well during this period. Your love life gets more interesting as Venus visits your seventh house. The weekend looks good for short trips, educational projects and getting caught up on the local gossip.


Good times continue to roll for you. With Jupiter in your first house and the sun transiting your fifth house, being both conscious and playful comes easy to you. Enjoy your children more if you have kids. Spend more time on creative projects. Let loose your inner clown on occasion. The moon will be in Leo the evening of the ninth through the wee hours of the twelfth. Your influence is strong and people are attracted to your warm hearted generosity. The weekend looks good for focusing on finances, family and food planning.


This is where staying home and cabin fever begin. Honor your parents as well as grandparents and elders. You tend to do things to make yourself feel more comfortable. Even if you don’t have immediate family near by you tend to gather a tribe of people around you. You are slowly able to take on more responsibilities. The weekend will feature the moon in Virgo. You can expect to be busier and more popular. Stay on task with your career keeping a balance with your family concerns. Venus moving through your fifth house will make you more creative.


Clear communication is what it’s all about. Have you ever fudged the truth so that what you’re saying sounds nicer to the person listening? They may feel good, yet they clearly don’t understand what you meant. Now is the time to focus on your local environment. Venus moves into your fourth house this week possibly inspiring some home decorating for the holidays. You’re likely to be a little more introspective and a little more oriented towards your personal feelings. The weekend looks good for laying low and catching up on sleep or for helping someone that’s isolated.


Not all values are shared universally. Men holding hands tends to mean different things in different cultures. Begin the week by being open to learning new things. Career and economic opportunities are especially strong on Wednesday and Thursday. Learn the art of giving someone a compliment. The weekend should rev up your social life. The right people will show up at the right time. Be practical with the gifts you share with others. Be aware of ways in which you can improve your domestic situation.


Social networking and spontaneous planning are two of your strong points. As you strike out in the world and present your new manifesto realize that everyone else may or may not be on the same page. On Wednesday and Thursday you are able to appeal to a larger audience and are able to adjust your goals to fit a larger picture. It will be difficult to resist sweets and luxuries as Venus passes through your second house. The weekend looks good for displaying your talents and skills. Be aware of the ways you fulfill others expectations


Your romantic life could improve some this week. The moon will be in your seventh house Monday and Tuesday firing up amorous activity. On Wednesday Venus moves into your first house making you more approachable and attractive.A warning you before you jump in with both feet: Your sun is transiting the twelfth house of your own undoing, thus what appears to be real on the surface may have some hidden flaws. The weekend looks good for travel and education. Make it a point to help others who are isolated and the good karma will win over all.


You are super charged up and ready to go with Mars in your first house. A spirit of independence has taken over. You appear to be more dynamic and physically capable. Begin the week by taking care of the details and doing some organizing. By Wednesday and Thursday you’ll be engaged with negotiations, confrontations, romance and conscious opportunities. Good friends are always nearby to help you. The weekend may require some letting go as well as allowing other people to help you reach your goal.


A strength exists in you that you allow few people to see. Your best talents and skills are being seen. In many ways you’ve been able to rise up to leadership. You are aware of what the public demands from you. With Mars in the twelfth house it’s possible that someone deceptive doesn’t have your best interests at heart. You begin the week coming from your heart in an open and positive manner. Some of your toughest work will be done on Wednesday and Thursday. By the weekend you’ll be ready for relaxation, romance and recreation.