Horoscopes December 2nd – 8th



The new moon in your ninth house sets the stage for adventure and exotic experiences. Curiosity regarding religion and philosophy is more likely to come about during this period. Drunkeness, gluttony and gambling are the down side to this moon. Helping others, learning valuable lessons, and exploring new and unusual areas is the upside. You may feel naturally lucky during this period. Mars moves into your seventh house and will be there for several months. Don’t expect everyone to be happy with you. It will be hard for you not to tell other people what to do.


Hold on and get hurt. Let go and let the chips fall where they may. You are hungry for some late fall cuddling. You are dependent more on other peoples decisions at this point. The good news is that there are people willing to help you. Confrontations with authority are more likely to come about. You desire relationship yet you can seem too needy to others. Work on being better organized, get stronger through exercise and a good diet. Make more of an effort to help others. The new moon requires that you listen to your intuition and that you let go of expected outcomes.


See the other side of yourself. I’ve heard it said that Gemini is a combination of athletic prowess and intellectual curiosity. Be more in your body and less into your head this week. Romance, partnership, and contracts are emphasized by the new moon in your seventh house. Mars moves into your house of creativity, love affairs, and children on Saturday. Pay special attention to your male children. Be more involved with artistic activity. Mercury in your seventh house encourages you to make positive alliances.


The new moon is about getting healthy and staying that way. You are what you eat. The closer to a natural diet you have the better off you’ll be. Sugar and wheat can kill your immune system during the cold season. Eat nothing sweeter than an orange and include more vegetables and pasture raised animal products in your diet. Help others as this is shown to improve the immune system also. Sunday looks good for travel, study, and engaging in riskier activities. You make your own good luck by being giving without expecting anything in return.


This is usually one of your favorite times of the year. Being generous and giving is part of your nature. Making children happy is one of your favorite things to do. The new moon gives you an opportunity to be more playful, to enjoy love more and to find a place for your creative talents to shine. Mars moving into your third house implies you’ll be dealing with transportation issues. You tend to move around from one place to another. The weekend will give you more opportunities to express your love. Don’t neglect your spiritual life. You are getting strong messages that you must act upon.


Having a good memory is an asset to anyone claiming to be intelligent. Your key phrase is, “I analyze.” One that does not learn from the past is condemned to repeat it in the future. Most problems you face, your parents or grandparents had to face in another form. Be grateful for the good things your family has done for you. You hope to improve your self image this week. The new moon is mostly about family and where you live. In order to move forward successfully you need to have a firm foundation. Wednesday and Thursday are your best days for getting in


Don’t sit on the sidelines being indecisive. Make up your mind and follow through with great passion. Mars enters Libra Saturday afternoon and will be there for several months. It is time to get strong and to act out independently. The new moon Monday is about having a better relationship with your friends, siblings and peers. Enjoy working with your hands more. Do things to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Tune in to the needs of your household and to the elders in your family.


Part of being a good leader is to be able to soften yourself to the needs of others. This is a period where it’s best for you to lay low and to work on your spiritual life. The new moon highlights dreams, the pleasures of the bed, and clandestine relationships. Pay off old debts, forgive those that have wronged you, and help those that seem isolated and without help. Venus in your first house helps you look beautiful and gives you patience during difficult times. Get enough sleep. The moon will be in Capricorn on Wednesday and Thursday. Use these days to get what you need.


This week starts out powerfully with the new moon in Sagittarius. You are ready to take on new challenges. You are conscious of what you need to do by Wednesday evening when mercury moves into Sagittarius. Mars moves into your eleventh house this weekend promoting dynamic friendships and a will to prepare for the future. Honor your parents beliefs even if their way is not your style. The weekend looks good for short trips and communicating with siblings and friends. Your influence is strong. Have faith that you will manifest what you need.


This is your time to shine. Let your talents and skills be known. Responsibility looks good on you this week. The new moon Monday may lead to a new job or a new occupation. Be ready to be in the public eye more often. Your libido revs up as mars enters your eighth house. Practice patience. You cannot speed up or slow down the ways of the world. Sunday the moon moves into Pisces. See this as an opportunity to prepare for your game plan. Helpful female friends are around you to help you prepare for the future. Accept the help that is given to you.


This is an extremely social time of year for you. The new moon will reveal to you who your real friends are. Sometimes it’s more who you know rather than what you know. You’ll have to face some karma due to who you’ve loved and what you’ve created. The moon will be in Aquarius Friday and Saturday giving you a chance to throw a party or to attend a desirable social gathering. You may embark upon a long but dangerous journey beginning this weekend. Sunday will help you put your values in perspective.


Things have been way too serious for way too long now. Your values are being put to the test. It’s been a time of maturation and a time of getting rid of unnecessary things. The new moon could help you make money, put a new song on your lips, or even a smile on your face. Discipline is an important step towards reaching your goal. Mars moves into your twelfth house giving you more energy for prayer and helping those that are isolated. Sunday looks like a good day to regroup with your creative self.

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