Horoscopes December 23rd – January 6th



There will be a feeling of wanting justice or fairness on Christmas Day. Unfortunately there will be quite a bit of tension that day as well. New Year’s Day features a new moon at 3:14am PST. Things will be different this year in oh so many ways. Don’t expect the excitement to ever stop. Your family and living situation continue to go through deep transformation. Focus on career and public image. The 29th and 30th of December are your best days for conquering big tasks.


Venus goes retrograde. You may not always get what you want. Take this as an opportunity to do things differently and to learn how to like it. Christmas involves work, service and perhaps some minor health issues. There may be a focus on uncles, aunts and small pets. Do things to reduce stress. Higher education and a higher philosophy are emphasized during the new moon. You are luckier than usual but you will need to explore areas outside of your comfort zone.



You’ll need to work a little harder to get the things you want. This will also require some cooperation with others. Doing charitable works will buy you some favor. Overwork could affect your health adversely. Christmas Day should be heart-opening and fun. You can help ease the anxieties of others. Any partying you do on New Year’s Eve, you are seriously likely to pay for the next day. Helping others party safely is your best bet. This is not about you. It’s time to grow up and give a little more.


True happiness comes from within. There is no need to put on a plastic smile. Relationships may take a strange twist and turn. Be an observer rather than a participant in drama. Christmas Day finds you extra sensitive so take care not to be a buzzkill while others are hoping to have a good time. New Year’s will have its own set of surprises, yet it could offer some sweet romance. Look to the 4th and 5th for a more empathetic and emotionally satisfying situation.


Fear is not justified. Keep your health together and work at a steady pace. Show a little enthusiasm for the things that seem so difficult. Christmas day might be a good opportunity to take a walk around the neighborhood. Siblings and cousins will be the highlight. Work with your hands and get creative. New Year’s Day will be more about work and potentially starting a new career. It could also be about health issues if you’re not careful. You throw good parties. Perhaps you can work with others to throw a good party?


View the things and situations around you as a gift. Be aware that most of the folks around you aren’t as observant as you. Christmas Day is mostly about your values. Try not to say too much. You know how easy it is for you to be a wet blanket. Give comfort when it’s needed. You seem to be having more fun than usual. Your heart is open. New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve parties seem stupid to you. In spite of all of this you will have a brilliant time and might even get lucky.


Christmas Day features the moon in Libra. I wonder what things are balanced and fair when it comes to Christmas? Venus is in retrograde and things seem a little more out of sorts than usual. Look to your own needs rather than the needs of others. Some might say that with Mars in your first house you are a little more selfish than usual. You need to be. Why not enjoy your uniqueness instead of trying to fit in. New Year’s Day is probably going to be focused on family and personal issues.


Happy Birthday! You rule this season. The best way to uplift yourself is to uplift others. Don’t seek revenge or retribution, but be peaceful and compassionate in all your activities. You’ve been put in a leadership position that will not soon go away. You need to clean things up and to get rid of evil. Christmas puts some weight on your shoulders. New Year’s has more to do with you making some sort of commitment to yourself. Strange situations involving love and creativity are bound to show up. Have a sense of grace.


It’s time for you to express your values. Much of the transformation that you’ve been going through has been internalized. Everyone goes through a little bit of frustration when things appear to be out of control. The Christmas holiday will be part of your social life. You’ll be amongst some helpful friends that can take care of business. Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30th feature the moon in Sagittarius. Note that your influence is strong on these days. Your likely to make a resolution on New Year’s to spend less money or change your eating habits.


You’ll be able to step down from some of your responsibilities and be able to enjoy your friends a little more. Your creative works compliment the mood of the season. Christmas day other people are likely to want your help. Try not to get into too much debt. On New Year’s Eve or even New Year’s Day a party of sorts is in order. The moon will be in Pisces Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th. Flow with artistic purpose. Gather with others in such a way that you inspire a higher purpose.


Pay attention to your dreams. Helping those that are isolated in rest homes, prisons and hospitals will help you make good karma. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You’ll need a little more alone time. It’s likely that you will travel over the holidays. There is nothing wrong with staying home for New Year’s. The moon will be in Aquarius on the 2nd and the 3rd. You’ll get a chance to look at things in a clearer light on those days. Be sure to give yourself plenty of rest as the stress levels can be rather high.


Life has felt like a winter without Christmas as of late. You’re likely to be searching deep for the spiritual implications of this holiday beyond St Nick and nativity scenes. The returning of the light should be joyous, yet we know that it is slow in coming. Thursday afternoon through most of Saturday the moon will be in Scorpio and you’ll gain some needed personal strength. New Year’s should be mostly about friends and doing things with your hands. Your theme is spiritual discipline in order to have the fun you desire.

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