Horoscopes December 17 – 23

Aries: What are you willing to do to get what you want? This is the last week for a major career push. Be who you want to be now before you need to attend to all of your friend’s wishes. Helpful friends may not show up till next week. Be at peace with what you’ve accomplished and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to move on to the next challenge. The world would be boring without challenges. The moon will be in Aries Thursday and Friday. If December 21st is the end of the world I’m sure you’ll come up with a new and improved world.

Taurus: This week we move out of transformation and into higher learning. The lesson learned should be letting go. Desire has its requirements where other people are involved. Thank goodness that the Taurus moon is dominating the weekend. It begins at 10:25 AM on Saturday and continues through the whole weekend. You end up feeling more at ease with the situation. A period of higher learning, exotic situations, travel and adventure persist. A little bit of risk taking could change your life for the better.

Gemini: The hype about December 21, 2012 makes me want to gag. The best I can say or hope for is that the whole world gets a new start. It is the real New Year every year anyhow. Our sexual behaviors can affect our social lives. People that are attracted to norms may fear diverging interests expressed by others. It’s o.k. to have preferences. We can do this without discrimination. You move out of heavy petting and get ready to do the real thing. Lay low over the weekend and wait until the storm is over before making your next move.

Cancer: You work hard to make others around you to feel comfortable. You come off with a big sense of social grace and personal warmth. You’d mostly like to hide and sleep these days. Perseverance is needed as well as teamwork in order to complete the task. December 21 may feel like a relief compared to the two previous days. Your mission is to stay somewhat detached and realistic when it comes to partnership and other people’s needs. Your own creative expression can be of service to others and the community at large.

Leo: Heartfelt love has been permeating the air. Your sense of creative expression has been revived. You feel heard and the good times are rolling along just fine. Work is bound to pickup this week. You may feel a little time poor and stretched to the limit. Cooperation from others is essential during this period. December 21 will see you dwelling on planetary needs as well as personal health needs. Travel is likely for many of you that day. You’re bringing in a higher love this week. Breathe into the everyday demands of living.

Virgo: Memory and self-nurturing will lead to living in the present and busting out in creativity and generosity. You seem to be comfortable with speaking your mind. Be aware of the greater truth. Life can be fun and if not now, for sure by the weekend. You’ll be at your best on Saturday and Sunday. However, until then, be gracious, conscious, and righteous in all your activities. Do something to decorate your home. Show some love to your parents as well as your children. Accept your own challenges and ask for grace while engaging with them.

Libra: The story of your life gets deeper this week. I’d like to say that the hype around December 21 might bid more true for you than for most. Relationship issues may conflict with your family life. Deep changes have been happening in regards to your parents your domestic situation and the things that make you comfortable. Love and romance may get a little more passionate towards the end of the week. Be aware of your need for sleep. Take time to dream. Prove to the world that you’re a family first kind of person.

Scorpio: Words of love and kindness will be your focus. It’s like you’re fertilizing a garden and the garden is your neighborhood and friends. Do things to keep your life running smoothly. Affirm the good works of others. A thank-you can go a long way in making things good with those that support you. Use extra caution when transporting your body from one side of town to another. Keep a journal and take time to write some poetry or a story. December 21st is about taking a hands on approach to serving others. The weekend looks good for love and partnership.

Sagittarius: “A fool and his money are soon parted”. These words of wisdom my father passed on to me. This week’s lesson is about values. Find at least one thoughtful gift at the thrift shop. Make or give a gift of your own services. Find ways to make your resources go further. The sun moves into your second house early Friday morning. You become more aware of your personal material attachments. Question the loss of freedom and responsibility that comes with material things. Avoid borrowing that which you can never pay back.

Capricorn: Some have called you the most depressing sign in the zodiac. Yet, how can this be true when you symbolize the return of light to the northern hemisphere? There is a sense of hope that interplays with our sense of doom. Capricorn asks the question. What can I do that would be useful during this time? Build positive alliances with people that are of greater experience than you. The second step is to gift time to less experienced people to help them be elevated to a better place. Gratitude is an attractive attitude.

Aquarius: It’s been an exciting several weeks of making connections and receiving offers. By the end of the week you’ll likely feel a little bit of burnout and will be ready for some well deserved down time. As we allow others to have more freedom we end up giving ourselves more freedom. Good friends are all around you. It’s a good time to be alone for extended periods of time. Spiritual work can include service to others that are isolated. It also includes the companies and places that you support with your patronage.

Pisces: We begin Monday evening at sunset the moon enters Pisces. The sign of dreaming loves the darkness of winter and the opportunity to sleep in, if just for dreaming sake. We move from responsibility and leadership to kicking it with our homies and finding a way to have some personal time. Thursday and Friday are about last minute shopping, values, caroling, and that friend of your friend. You’ll make some good new connections. Have fun and be ready to play a little. O.K. yes, be ready to pay a little as well.

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