Horoscopes for December 15th, 2014


This week begins with a focus on romance and partnerships. Can we move together when we live in an environment that encourages separation? The new moon winter solstice on Sunday gives us the opportunity to lead in a new direction. You become more concerned with what the public thinks. You could feel a little more restless toward the middle of the week. Be grateful for your lessons. This weekend is dedicated to letting go of what is no longer useful to you. Be careful to keep to a budget, as money has a way of getting lost over the holidays.


Venus transiting your ninth house has you seeking a higher love. One of the latest discoveries involving the male human and his sense of direction is that he was genetically programmed to find an appropriate mate from a distance, and thus help diversify genetic strength and have more possibilities of mating. Regardless of your gender there is a message in this for you: Reach for far off places. Spiritual goals like happiness and forgiveness will more easily be made manifest. The new moon encourages education, distant travel and exotic experiences.


Mercury moves into your eighth house Tuesday night joining Venus and Pluto. The sexual tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Your desire for amour is expanding in many ways. Monday and Tuesday is both creative and flirtatious. Wednesday and Thursday are good for bringing a sense of order. The weekend is great for romance and partnerships. The new moon brings an awareness of vulnerability, raw emotions and the willingness to transform that which is no longer working. Let go of unhealthy attachments and ask for help when needed.


We begin the week with the moon in the fourth house. You feel a little more sensitive and withdrawn toward the beginning of the week. Come Wednesday and Thursday creativity, playfulness, and doing what the heart desires rules. You may find yourself working to help or serve others come the weekend. Sunday’s new moon brings major changes in relationship, contracts, marriage and love affairs. Your desire to merge will be stronger. Good fortune in the world of finances comes together for you. Be the person you want to attract.


The happiness and joy that you radiate inspires others to be in their hearts as well. This is the time of year where you have the most fun. Children, playfulness, and love affairs are part of the mix. Start the week by making a list of all you need to do and accomplish. Mars in your seventh house can make you want to control your mate’s every move. Family issues are best dealt with on Wednesday and Thursday because by Friday afternoon you’ll be ready for a little fun. The new moon puts a focus on health issues, charitable causes, and the people you work with.


Your family, your parents and grandparents in particular, left you with a certain amount of karma to fulfill. You are trying to be conscious of how you relate to others. Your feelings and intuition matter. Mercury moves into your fifth house this week, inspiring love, creativity, and playfulness. Pay attention to your relationship with money and food during the start of the week. Community and peer issues are best worked out on Wednesday and Thursday. The weekend looks good for staying at home and relaxing. The new moon Sunday will bring an artistic revival to your soul.


Be the kind of neighbor that you would like to have. Pay attention to what you’re saying as well as what is being said by others. The week begins strong with the moon in Libra on Monday and Tuesday. Venus, Mercury, and Pluto in your fourth house bring changes in the way you look at family. Wednesday and Thursday can be good for finances. The weekend is good for getting together with old friends, siblings and neighbors. The new moon on Sunday will inspire changes domestically, psychically, and personally.


You begin by taking note of any unfinished business. You may want to take your finances to the next level. The moon will be in Scorpio on Wednesday through early Friday afternoon. Try to be in harmony with your personal desires. A big focus is on being a better communicator, and being a better neighbor. The new moon on Sunday will inspire travel, education, and appreciating your local environment. Stay brave and courageous. Deal with any household hazards, as Mars is transiting your fourth house.


Power, wealth, and influence are yours. Being responsible with what you’ve got is your new challenge. Once you have the position, how do you assert your values? Once you know your direction, by what means will you travel to your destination​​? Do you have the funds? Can you walk or ride your bike? The moon will be in Sagittarius Friday afternoon beginning at 1:55pm PST through Sunday at 5:25pm, when the moon begins transiting your second house. Eat good food and cut cookies in half rather than indulge too much on sweets.


This will be the last full week of Saturn in your eleventh house. Good friends come and go, yet there’s a time when one must work on their personal karma. We’re talking about the darkness of feeling isolated. Put a good finish on what you began. Learn from past mistakes and resolve to do better. This week represents the karma that you created during the past year. The new moon along with the sun moving into Capricorn will join with Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. We learn, we love, and then we change. Your life is about to be renewed.


The month long party is about to end. The time to pay the piper draws close. Your good friends are all around you and they have your back. You feel a little more confident and perhaps a wee bit restless. The week feels lucky with the moon in your ninth house Monday and Tuesday. Take care of business on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday night and Saturday night will be great for your social life. The new moon in your twelfth house will put you in a place where your spiritual life is way more important. Practice compassion.


Love what you do and do what you love. Work needs to be performed in terms of spiritual service. Sometimes being loving is a thankless job; be loving anyway, you’re doing this for yourself and to edify your spirit. Wednesday and Thursday are your luckiest days this week where good fortune is helping you succeed. Your responsibilities at work are eventually going to yield to you doing things you’ve been waiting to do. The new moon on Sunday should be a party and a celebration. Be open to meeting new people and opening up your circle of friends.