Horoscopes December 10th – 16th

Aries: Seek solutions rather than rant over problems. Our life is a journey and our focus is our destination. We want to go to nice places. Part of this year’s lesson is taking joy from little things. Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans thus it’s more about how we react during unpleasant times than it is about how we’re doing in good times. The new moon rules travel, education, higher wisdom, exotic cultures and good fortune. It’s important that you bless others with the wealth that you have. Give in to giving someone what they want.

Taurus: This is the last week of Venus in your seventh house. Relationship issues need to be made sweeter. You are attracting good people in your life. There has been an element of things not being in control the way you would like them to be. For the most part, business is picking up. Sometimes you’ll need to spend money in order to make it. The weekend looks good for travel. The new moon teaches you about lust, loss, creativity and desire. Pay attention to your intuition. The demands of the public will be evident this weekend.

Gemini: This is a time for partnership and romance as Mercury enters your seventh house Monday evening. Accepting good fortune isn’t always easy, for it may come in disguise as a disaster at first. It is easy to get comfortable with our misery to the point where we never makes the changes that would truly benefit us. The new moon signifies other people’s opinions and input is just as important as what you already know. The love experience is likely to get better for you. The weekend looks good for travel, education or a spiritual retreat.

Cancer: Hard work keeps on piling up in front of you. You’re doing much to help others these days. Working with others is where much of your activity is these days. Do things to fortify your health: exercise, eat right, make love and get plenty of sleep. The new moon presents a few career-related challenges for you. You add beauty and intelligence to your work environment. Pay attention to small pets, as well as Aunts and Uncles. Allow those who seem to oppose you to go away feeling heard rather than feeling hurt.

Leo: It’s a good time to be a Leo, with the blessings of family and children going strong. Happiness comes from being generous, engaging in creative acts and playing as often as you get the chance to. Even offering a smile or a hug to someone can be a blessing. A good attitude is contagious. The new moon opens up artistic potential, fun-loving relationships, and opportunities to lead or direct things socially. Strengthen the social contacts that are working for you. Good friends support you doing things to help the community.

Virgo: History has a way of repeating itself. We live in a society where people are kept distracted with the promise of different material scenarios making their lot in life better. A life is better measured by what you do, rather than what you have. Materialism is a form of idolatry that grows with devotion to new technology, the thought that security comes from a new lover, or addictions to drink, drugs and sweets. A love of family and home is appropriate for this time. The new moon helps you reflect and appreciate where you live and the folks in your tribe.

Libra: We eventually grow out of our materialistic obsessions and recognize the need to discover the world at large around us. The current cycle is about tall tales, poetry, songwriting, finger painting, and being a bad-ass news reporter. Pay attention to siblings, cousins and childhood friends. The new moon asks you to take another look at your neighborhood and environment. You’re ready to learn more and to grow into a more mature and able being. Travel and leisure over the weekend is looking good.

Scorpio: To put things in simple terms, you are putting on a new face. Your values are in the spotlight. If there were ever a time when one should buy local, it would be now. Those that give have room in their life to receive more. Mars and Pluto in your third house spell death to death. You dazzle us with the sleight of hand while surviving great risks. The new moon rules how we relate to our voice, to music, to food, to money. Think outside the box, but take some other great thinkers with you. We are powerful when we work together.

Sagittarius: Put away petty fears and accept that a new day has dawned, and that your best option is to find a creative partner with a vision that balances out your independent narcissism. Mercury enters your first house this week Monday and Venus arrives late Saturday night. First you get smarter and then you get more attractive. Hopefully it’s not just the beer speaking. The new moon celebrates every aspect of you. Philosophy, sports, humor and the natural world is where we all want to be. Be a good friend and take us there.

Capricorn: As a survivor you are a legend. As a friend you tend to be loyal. Saturn is moving through your eleventh house. It’s time to make new friends, as well as recognize the people that you have karma with. Pay attention to your dreams and their meanings. Take time to sleep longer. Perhaps now is a good time to enjoy the pleasures of the bed. The new moon has you completing year-long projects, paying off debts and helping those that are isolated. The moon will be in Capricorn Thursday afternoon ‘til Saturday afternoon. These are power times for you.

Aquarius: You are known for being a people person and this is a time when the social circuit is wide open to you. You are good at making connections during this time. Helpful friends show up out of nowhere. You’re able to make preparations for the future. The new moon is about meeting with new people. Older friends that wield a little more power could help lead you to that perfect job. Sometimes saying no to someone is really helping them. The weekend is energizing with the moon in Aquarius. Perhaps you should throw the party.

Pisces: Responsibility never seemed like it was supposed to be fun. Yet somehow you’ve done it. You whistle or sing while you work. You bring food to share with others. You randomly reward somebody that has been down in the dumps and needs some encouragement. The new moon has you more in the spotlight. Part of you would rather lay low or run and hide. Career changes and an increase in your status are possible scenarios. Travel looks good. The weekend looks good for spiritual work and catching up on sleep.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Eartha Shanti 12/15/62, Mitzi Kerr 12/13/59, Beth 12/12/74, Barbara Manning 12/12/64, Daniel 12/12/85

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