Horoscopes August 5th-11th


Move with a sense of grace and purpose. Your family and domestic life are your priorities. Pay extra attention to your children. The new moon rules children, games, playfulness, and love affairs. Be a better team player. Pay attention to ways to create beauty in the workplace. The weekend is good for romance.


Stop fearing unknowns and do a little research. Other opinions and furthering knowledge can help to dispel ignorance and fear. Your communication skills just got better, and people respect what you have to say. Pay more attention to your local environment, peers, siblings, and neighbors. The new moon makes working with your hands more pleasurable.


The Leo vibe is super strong this week. You are all about bold moves and making the necessary changes. You are free to seek out a better plan for you and the people you love. You still need to deal with some old karma. The new moon in Leo supports new plans and bold expressions. Stay modest when it comes to personal spending. Do things that support good health.


Your social life has been extra active these days. Partnership issues continue to seem unconventional or surprising. The new moon brings helpful friends, parties, and plans for the future. Give yourself some extra time to chat with friends and have a more relaxed existence. You may be paying a karmic debt of some sort for a sexual indiscretion.


Do something that will make you feel good about yourself. Life has become a more pleasurable adventure; opportunities for travel, education, and fresh experiences are at your call. The new moon rules a higher way of doing things, good fortune, and helping others as you help yourself. Be real about the debts you need to pay.


Leo is your compliment. The lion is opposite of you, yet like you in many ways. You both are strong-willed. You’re both willing to do things to surprise or inspire others. You both have numerous friends and admirers. Love can get you when you least expect it. Your coolness is appreciated during the overly hot and passionate summertime.


Love motivates you to occasionally break out of your shell and seek a sense of sweetness. You could use a little more play as of now. You are gathering your tribe and the people you feel comfortable with. Like Aries, it’s a good time to pay attention to your children. Be more creative. Love more often. The new moon helps you to appreciate your roots.


Sensual summer pleasures tempt you to try things that feel good. Monetary issues are worth looking into. Commit yourself to improving your diet. Share more good news with others. Allow your good fortune to bless your family as well. The new moon highlights voice, food values, and putting on a new face.


Keep your plans simple. Pray for your enemies. Wish good upon those who might conspire against you. Help others that feel isolated or persecuted. Your gift is grace and to do healing work. Perhaps it’s time to rub your friends’ feet rather than to criticize their lack of fashion sense. The new moon rules karma, secrets, pleasures of the bed, and spiritual activity. Lay low and do good.


It’s all about work and career for you this week. Hone in on your talents and skills, and show them off in the light of day. You’ll need to do a little more selling of yourself. This could be quite the adventure for you. The new moon rules career, the public eye, and the talents and skills you got from your mother’s side of the family.


Death and change are the only things that are certain. You may look better in a bathing suit than you did a couple of months ago. It may be time to get your “sexy look” on. You can do it with class like no one else can. The new moon rules debt, changes that are out of your control, and your intuitive sense of other people. Ask for help when needed.


When it comes to love, you are doing great these days. Your workload might be super high as other people are in need of your services. Artistically, you need to plan on this being a year of expansion. Be sure to get enough sleep and to pace yourself. The new moon rules health issues, charitable causes, getting organized, and giving service to others.






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