Horoscopes August 19th-25th


A changing of the guard takes place this week. The sun moves out of your fifth house of creativity into your sixth house of service work, health issues, and working with others. Pace yourself, as it’s easy to overwork and to become overwhelmed. The full moon on Tuesday may be a good excuse for a spontaneous party. Helpful friends are in contact with you towards the beginning of the week. Venus in your seventh house is making you easier to love. The moon is in Aries on Friday and Saturday.


Things begin to be fun once again. Focus on work and performance for the first couple of days this week—you’re most likely to manifest something then. Family issues are still in the news, however the focus is more on children. Sunday will surely be your fun-day with the moon in Taurus. People begin to relax and get real. Creative expression will be easier to come by. Find a purpose through loving and serving others. Love and forgiveness can work magic.


We begin the week with a full moon vibe on both Monday and Tuesday, giving you a sense of wanderlust and a desire to get out of Dodge. Wednesday and Thursday have more to to with your career happenings. There is knowledge, and then there is higher knowledge. Let’s face it; some things are not worth knowing. Be more aware of the needs in your own family. Be happy to help, slow to judge, and respectful of what your ancestors went through to bring you to this place.


Confidence will be restored as long as you keep on trying, and you keep on being ready to grow. It’s back to learning and back to school. You have enough drive and backbone to make it. Get the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary. Enjoy working with your hands. The full moon combines desire—and letting go—with an exotic experience. Financial issues become less and learning to get along with the neighbors becomes more. Your communication skills improve.


You have three and a half days left in your season. The full moon will be in your seventh house, stimulating romance, partnerships, contracts, and open enemies. By mid-week you’ll be feeling the shift where money, food, and self-image seem to take precedence over your latest ambition. Friday and Saturday are the highlights, with the moon in your ninth house stimulating good fortune, education, and a knack for seeing things in the highest light. Traveling is encouraged.


Just when life seems like it’s becoming too hard to take, a light dawns; your wit and wisdom are needed once again. Look for the good and praise it. Try to manifest more than just dust in the wind. The full moon tests your health as well as your ability to work with others. Mid-week, things could turn into romance. By the weekend, the breathing could get hot and heavy. Sunday will feel uplifting, prompting an excursion into the wild or simply someplace that is new to you.


Enjoy what you have while you have it. You’ll find the heights of love, creativity, and playfulness to be escalated by the full moon. Your social life eventually leads to your karmic life. Things you wish to keep secret become more evident to you. Friday and Saturday look romantic with the moon in your seventh house, giving you a sense of balance. Venus in your first house is making you more desirable to others. Pay more attention to your subconscious and pay your debts.


This week’s shift is from responsibility to positive social contacts. We begin with the full moon prompting family issues. Your memory is sharp and you see how history helps to create the present. Your sense of curiosity about things remains high. Keep on exploring. Wednesday and Thursday have a creative and open-hearted vibe. Friday and Saturday are good for getting organized. Sunday is the best day for romance, negotiations and facing challenges.


The thrill of learning continues. Realize that everything we own is essentially borrowed for the short time we are on earth. It’s best to be debt-free. In reality, we owe our parents for much of what we have. The full moon emphasizes environment, communication, and neighborhood happenings. Career possibilities begin to open up for you. You are more likely to be in the public eye. Be methodical and don’t skip steps. Friday and Saturday look like your best days for creative work.


Things are about to get interesting. You can no longer play the victim role and get away with it. It’s time to take an intelligent and well-researched approach to your challenges. On the bright side, you have positive people in your corner who are willing to help you. Try to love those who seem hardest to love. When you seek out people’s good qualities, your own self-esteem goes up. The full moon is about money and self image. By Sunday you’ll have a better game plan.


On Monday and Tuesday the moon will be in your sign, becoming full late Tuesday afternoon. You are good at encouraging others to do things differently. You are more equipped to address challenges. Your intuition is up as the sun heads into your eighth house. Sexual fantasies are just easier to come by. The weekend looks good for travel. Be sure to scan the want-ads on Sunday as new career opportunities are more likely to come up.


The full moon may have much to do with personal karma. Do some inner work and clean out the cobwebs of unforgiving resentment and bitterness. Forgive yourself for putting yourself in those situations. A new life is coming your way. Partnership, romance, a new job, or a contract will be more likely. The moon is in Pisces on Wednesday and Thursday. Your sense of direction is keen, and you are ready for new challenges that will ultimately lead to more opportunities.

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