Be more organized and disciplined. Your future self will thank you. This is a highly cosmic week with a full moon eclipse Thursday afternoon. The question about what you owe others versus what they owe you comes up. Your libido is awakened to spring sights, smells, and tastes. You begin the week inspired by new ideas and opportunities. Be responsible for your own personal growth. The weekend looks good for travel, higher learning, and exotic experiences.


You are in the dreamtime. I would highly recommend laying low for the next four weeks. Any excesses that you helped to create in the last year will come to light. I’m not saying be anti-social, just don’t go out of your way to seek attention. The full moon rules your health, working with others, and charitable causes. The sun in your twelfth house indicates it’s easy to be a part of your own undoing. Help others that are isolated and can’t get out, as in prisoners and hospital patients.


You graduate from your advanced experiences and head straight into career opportunities. Take note of any talents and skills that you have. Now is the time to use them. Focus on things that make life beautiful, like gardening, cooking, music, and art. The full moon eclipse may have something to do with your mother or an older family member, as well as something concerning your domestic situation. The weekend looks good for having fun and being playful.


A more intense kind of love is what you’ll get. Real love involves a little more give than take. Pleasure that is not earned is seldom as satisfying. The lunar eclipse taps into your values. Free yourself of expecting to be in control. This could be a very sensual time. It’s like you have everything to lose and everything to gain at the same time. Pay attention to your intuition. The moon will be in Libra Tuesday and Wednesday. It takes effort to make things happen.


It’s time to get busy and be the best at giving whatever service that you have to offer. Seek ways to improve your personal health as well as the health of the community that you live in. The full moon will highlight your personal karma as well as secrets you think you’ve been able to keep from yourself and others. You’ll be able to recover nicely over the weekend with the moon in Sagittarius. Many parties and fun loving activities begin, yet you need to work more.


No one knows you like you know yourself. It’s easy to want to stay at home and live like a recluse these days. Issues of home and family are prominent. Help your elders while they are still with us that they may give a good report about us on the other side. The full moon affects your career reality. Your talents and skills will be needed. There may be a tug of war between career and family obligations. Tuesday and Wednesday are good for gaining knowledge and for travel.


I never thought I would see the day where people that try to help others could be put away for unpatriotic activity. Yet here we are, and a strange love of rules has taken over our compassion and common sense. This week, restore common sense. Tolerance and compassion cost less than retribution. Seek reconciliation for this is your true nature, Taurus. The full moon brings partnership and romance in the spotlight—an eclipse of the most sensual sign with the most sexual sign.


Move with ease and a sense of freedom. You don’t need to be as responsible as you have in the last several weeks. Good friends keep on showing up. Keep on allowing them to help you. The full moon eclipse is in your fifth house of children, creative expression, and love affairs. Take a new look at what you have to offer the world. Be proactive in preparing for the future. The weekend looks good for getting better organized and working with others.


Make every free moment in your life be like an exotic coffee break. Read something you wouldn’t ordinarily read. Visit a place near or far that you’ve never been to before. Study a new religion or visit a new house of worship. The moon will be in Virgo Monday for a most ecological earth day. Thursday’s full moon could inspire poetry, messages from siblings and friends, and being a part of your environment. You are luckier than usual these days.


Mars is now in your seventh house along with Venus and the sun. You are very conscious as to the kind of lover and partner you are. You are able to seduce people into seeing things your way. Your ability to work with others is enhanced. The full moon eclipse in Scorpio combines the sexual with the sensual, and the transcendent with the material. Change and new starts are part of the adventure. The moon is in Scorpio Thursday and Friday. Do something to bring beauty and sweetness.


Don’t give into the naysayers. You are about to show the world that you can be on top of your game. This week should have the motto “love what you do, and do what you love.” Matters of the heart such as lovers, children, and art are easily found. Be more loving and generous. The full moon eclipse emphasizes friends, older siblings and people that are in power that can help you. Monday could be a very lucky day for some of you. Smile more often.


Being aware that we as individuals have an effect on the local environment is part of being mature and responsible. Being aware of how gossip can affect people in a negative way is something you may need to consider. News from old friends and younger siblings is likely. The full moon Thursday inspires travel, education, and good fortune. Be at the right place at the right time to make your dreams come true. Refresh your vision as to how life should be lived.