Horoscopes April 21– 28, 2014



Begin the week by finishing up some of last week’s business. Tuesday and Wednesday are good for friends and socializing. Mars continues to move retrograde across your seventh house. Maybe we need to rethink our wishes about our partner? Focus more on personal values, and let others work on their values. The weekend looks good for dedicating some time to yourself. Find out what really inspires you and pursue it wholeheartedly. New beginnings are happening.


Taurus season is here with the sun in your sign till the evening of May 20th. Move forward with projects that are personally dear to you. You become more conscious as of Wednesday when Mercury will enter your first house. Communication becomes easier. Venus in the eleventh house brings creative people and female friends into your life. Monday is a lucky day this week. Tuesday and Wednesday are strong career days. It’s best to lay low this weekend and to catch up on rest.


I see a big stop sign up ahead. This is the time to focus more on your spiritual life as well as the projects that you never were able to complete. Pay attention to messages in dreams. Find a way to work on your personal karma. Be sensitive to the needs of your inner life. Help those who are isolated and unable to help themselves. The weekend looks good for socializing and meeting up with good friends. When you are being good to others you are being good to yourself.


The beautifier finds ways to express his or her soul according to the wishes of the masses at large. Cooking, gardening, music, and art are ways to express this sort of beauty. Your career is more in focus. Be prepared to take on new challenges in order to get your career off the ground. Accept leadership positions in a humble way. Make sure you perform the necessary maintenance on the vehicles that you own. Tuesday and Wednesday are good for relationships, while the weekend looks good for travel.


Much of this week has to do with conforming to the wishes of others. The sign of Taurus represents helpful friends to you. Monday looks good for romance. Thursday and Friday are your luckiest days, with the moon transiting your ninth house. These are also good days for travel and for education. The weekend is a good time to show off your talents and skills, along with doing things that spruce up your public image. Be sensitive to other people’s wishes when it comes to invitations and parties.


Your luck changes for the better. Monday you seek to implement your creative ideas. On Tuesday and Wednesday, strive to put effort into team projects. Thursday and Friday are good for negotiations and romance. This weekend, it may be best to go along with other people’s ideas. Education, experimentation, and taking the higher road are in order. Go to places that you have never been to before. Seek to share your wealth of knowledge as you continue to learn more yourself.


We cannot control the activities of others, but we can pray for those who appear to be wishing us harm. Prayers of resolution will bring comfort to your own soul if nothing else. Your imagination is activated and you are able to engage in many creative works. Thursday and Friday are heart opening creative days for you. The weekend looks good for spring cleaning, organizing, and working on personal health issues. Be more sensitive to partnerships, as well as to your partner’s needs.


Service is love, as Venus is transiting your sixth house. The sun is transiting your eighth house, and sex, birth, death, other peoples property, and occult interests seem to take over. You are not in control even though you would like to be. Part of you needs to hold back. Career-wise things are going well. Tuesday and Wednesday offer opportunities for you to express your creativity. Be open to allowing other people to help you whenever you run into a snag or a brick wall. The weekend should be lovely.


Keep your nose to the grindstone. You may easily be distracted by good weather and fun times, yet the work needs to be accomplished. Seek out a workable game plan. Ask for help. People are happy to help you. Cooperation and team efforts should proceed without a hitch. The weekend is filled with a creative, fun loving and productive tone. Be prepared to express yourself in a wild and untamed way. Make good karma by doing charitable acts and by being giving.


There is no need to feel inhibited. You have many good things to offer others. This is a good time to put your thoughts and ambitions into writing. Learn to believe in yourself. You have compassion, artistic imagination, and spiritual sensitivity working in your favor. The moon will be in Pisces Thursday and Friday. This is a good time to practice on projects of passion. Be honest, direct and truthful when it comes to conversation. The weekend looks good for making money as well as taking care of what you already have.


One reason we hold back is because we don’t feel that we are powerful enough to do something. When we step out of our self-imposed boxes we are more able to expand our picture of self. The moon will be in Aquarius on Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s time to rediscover your personal power and intelligence. Family issues, domestic projects, and being comfortable with your own feelings is a priority. The weekend looks good for working with your hands, taking a small trip, or hanging with the locals.


We begin Monday with the moon in Capricorn. Try to get as much accomplished today as you can. The sun transiting your fifth house inspires creativity, leadership, helping children, and having romance. Rediscover your inner clown. Be available for the people you love. The weekend looks good for attending to family, doing housework, and paying attention to memories and history. You’re getting into a flow where resources should begin to improve. Be kind and generous.

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