Horoscopes August 26th-July 1st


We live in a world where power seems to be concentrated in the hands of a few. You are the type not to take no for an answer when it comes to claiming your power. Mars moves into your fifth house this week. You have the power to be creative, loving, and playful. With the sun and Mercury in the sixth house, you’ll need to be a good team player. Venus in the seventh house says shared power is the kind of power that keeps on giving and receiving.

[Editor’s note: Power!]


Actions are more powerful than reactions. Don’t allow other people’s behavior to determine how you behave. Venus moving through your sixth house indicates love through service. The sun and Mercury in your fifth house encourages leadership, intelligence, and innovation. Being generous and loving gets easier. Courage is coming to you. Expect more activity on the home front. Some of you are likely to be moving. Monday through Tuesday afternoon are powerful, with the moon in Taurus.


Trust will come to you as you earn it. The power of memory is stronger this week. Everything has a history and a deeper meaning or a lesser-known purpose. The sun and Mercury in your fourth house have you looking at your parents, your heritage, and the place where you live. The moon will be in Gemini late Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. Realize that you are a co-creator of the future. Be aware of your transportation needs. Take advantage of creative moods.


Find a way to be more hooked up with your local community. Mars moves from your first to your second house this week. Your attention is drawn toward finances, food, and putting on a new face. Avoid getting all heated up in conversations. Find friends who know you deeply. Make your home a more beautiful place to be. The moon will be in Cancer from Friday through most of Sunday. Good things will happen wherever you go. Stay the course and stick to your goals.


You’ll gain something to roar about this week. Finances are more in focus, with the sun and Mercury transiting your second house. You are finding your voice. Different foods begin to appeal more to you. Venus transiting your third house prompts you to do creative work with your hands. Mars goes into your first house Tuesday night. Your energy will be restored during the next several weeks. A sense of clarity and focus will make tasks easier.


You are in command this week. Avoid the easy way out. You are up to snuff, and ready to meet the challenges that are presented to you. The sun and Mercury in your first house give you a sense of renewal. Begin the week like it’s an exotic adventure. You are the captain of your ship, and only you can determine the results that you desire. Pray for those who are less enlightened. Sing spiritual songs when you get a chance. Embrace friends over the weekend.


One person’s truth is another person’s lie. Science is forever changing, therefore truth is not static or stationary. What you know needs to be put in a framework of ‘what I have learned so far.’ There is no reason to be foolish and throw caution to the wind. Wednesday and Thursday are good days to make some progress. Pay attention to your dreams and spiritual life. This is a time of karma, with the sun and Mercury in your twelfth house. Give love no matter what.


Good people show up just when you need them the most. Do things to honor the helpful friends around you. This could be a good time to throw a party. Otherwise be ready to meet new people and be aware of helpful contacts. The weekend will be tempting you to go on a new travel adventure. Mars moves into your mid-heaven, highlighting your talents and skills. You’ll be working in the light of day, and will be in the public eye more. Make your bedroom a nicer place.


This week’s game plan is to take your career potential up a notch. Lower your expectations of other people, and you will tend to be happier. Let go of being competitive. As you develop your spiritual life, it’s easier to have things come to you. Do what you do well, but even better. Too much of a good time is possible this week. Use Tuesday afternoon through Thursday as an opportunity for romance, new contracts, and more harmony. Lay low over the weekend.


You’ll need to break some old habits in order to be open to the greatest experiences. Travel, education, and a higher philosophy toward life are on your agenda. Do things to make yourself look more beautiful or handsome in the public eye. Monday and Tuesday are your power days this week, when it’s easier to take risks and be successful. There is very little room for you to be bored. Pay attention and good things will begin to take shape. Practice patience.


Birth, sex, and death are natural facts of life that our culture loves to keep hidden and to create taboos around. You love the cold, hard, honest truth. Stupidity is not an option. You’ll need to relinquish some of your power and responsibilities in order to keep face and to show favor toward others. Long-distance love affairs are more possible. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday are your best days for having fun this week. Play safe and don’t take things personally.


Your positive dream of a better future is just the medicine needed during this cynical and negative period. Look for the good and make the most of it. Relationship-wise, people see you as more attractive. You also are seeing others as more attractive at the same time. The bliss that comes from an intimate physical encounter can make one lose a sense of reality. Love can be like a drug. Do things to get your life in order. Try to remain calm and focused as challenges come up at work.

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