It’s time to chill after the blast during last weekend’s full moon. This is a highly energetic week for you. Venus moves into your fifth house giving you an extra shot of creative energy. It’s time for an art party! The moon will be in Aries Wednesday morning through early Friday morning. The moon conjoins the surprise master Uranus, while the Sun trines the Moon bringing good vibes and the hope of the new to all. Keeping Mars under control while you’re hoping others will respond favorably to you is the challenge.


Niceness is filling the air all around you. The week may start out a little rough as you have had to adjust to getting down off last weekends major high. By Wednesday you feel like you are ready to love once more. Venus moving into your eleventh house brings social grace and beautiful friends. You might benefit from a party where every attendee creates something. By Sunday night you will be restless for something different and exciting. It might be best to lay low over the weekend. You’ll need your strength for next week.


You are a deep person with an extreme love for family and security. Making your home a more comfortable place could be part of that focus. Venus moving into your fourth house makes you more of an interior decorator or a family negotiator. The moon in Taurus Friday morning through Sunday early afternoon allows you to really relax and be able to take things down a notch. Monday and Tuesday are your best days for socializing. Pay attention to parents and older relatives. Be aware of how your past roots affect your daily interactions.


You seem more powerful than usual these days. If you wanted to get yourself in top physical shape now is as good a time as any to initiate that. Mars in your first house makes you seem more dynamic and independent. Jupiter, Sun, Venus, and Mercury in your tenth house make it important to move your career life forward. You begin the week with good, creative ideas. You are able to attend to critical detail while making things more beautiful. The weekend looks good for romance, negotiations and enjoying the ones you love.


It might be easy to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life during this period. Movement and gathering information is crucial at this time. You have a nose for news these days. Ignoring some news is good for peace of mind. The moon rolls into Gemini late Sunday afternoon. You could end the weekend off with a night of sweetness and/or pleasure. Your mission is to be a good sibling, cousin and friend. Communicate news of joy. Find the answer in the question. Seek out ways of providing hope.


Enjoy life to its fullest while attempting to make good karma. One is only as good as one’s last act. Do what you can to make peace with those who might not agree with you. Helping others will come naturally since you are luckier than usual. Wednesday and Thursday are super fortunate as well as fun. Travel, learning new things, and being creative comes easily. The weekend looks good for charitable causes and projects that require teamwork. Make it a habit to go down streets and paths that you’ve never been on before.


Do you own possessions or do the possessions that you own possess you? Materialism can be a big trap. The lighter you go the freer you feel. Values are the focus. You’re in a much more talkative mood these days. Your energy for creative activities is expanding. You begin the week with exploration in mind. The work environment is likely to be busy this week. The weekend looks good for socializing and hanging out with friends. Don’t take these contacts for granted. You’ll learn about something that you see as beneficial.


Be a good listener. Be patient with your current situation. Do what you can to make good on your debts. Anger seldom helps in negotiations. Learn to appreciate your local environment. Seek out dynamic people to help you. Look at different sources of information than you would normally use. Stick to long range plans as you set your goals. The weekend looks good for romance, travel, playtime, and being with children. Figure out what are your most important issues and make a game plan to remedy the challenges.


Living righteously isn’t an easy task. One can put out the image of being superhuman for only so long. You might feel a little frustrated or tired toward the beginning of the week. By mid-week your energy is up and you are ready to play once again. Wednesday and Thursday are days of good fortune for you. Be ready to be inspired. View life as a banquet of opportunity. Venus moves into your first house Tuesday, making you more creative and appealing to others. The weekend is a good time to display your creative abilities.


You find yourself in the middle of a number of issues that need to be remedied. You begin the week by preserving that which represents your true values. The middle of the week is more about friends and short trips. Something of an exciting nature could come up this Thursday. By the time the weekend rolls around you’ll want to work on your domestic life, or perhaps visit your parents. Romance gets sweeter with Venus moving into your seventh house of relationships. You come off as a good catch. Enjoy this window of opportunity.


Be grateful that you have an inner life. No one can be spot on in every situation. Remem- ber you are your own worst enemy and critic. Do what you can to make good karma. Pay your debts and honor other people’s wishes. Help those who feel isolated. Get enough sleep for yourself. Pay atten- tion to messages in dreams. Early in the week is best for negotiations. Romance could end up getting quite heat- ed. The weekend looks good for travel and adventure. Be your own best friend and take yourself out for a time to com- mune with nature. Mercury moves into Virgo Friday giving you common sense.


Success is based more on good decisions than it is hard work. Most wealth is inherited. You are making money the hard way or learning to work with others in order to fulfill a groups goal. You enjoy being charitable so that’s not a problem. Health issues will improve provided you pay attention to what needs to be done. Monday and Tuesday are strong days for you with the moon in Pisces. Finances may improve after Thursday. The weekend looks good for short trips, writing, working with your hands and seeing siblings, friends and neighbors.

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