Horoscopes 7/7/14 – 7/13/14


Memory meets motor skills this week. Learning how to do things in an efficient way takes practice. Mars is spending its final days in the seventh house. Relationship woes will begin to improve. Ego issues are ever present in front of you. Tuesday night through Thursday night are you best days for adventure and risk taking. Friday night/Saturday morning’s full moon helps you to understand your comfort zones and could even help you recover deeply repressed memories. Saturday night and Sunday look good for parties and socializing.


You’ve been in a more career-oriented place as of late. Projects that were pushed to the back burner begin to move forward. You are a good listener and you’re sensitive to how other people feel. Now is a time when you’re more aware of your own feelings. You may need to help your parents, or do something with your own living space. The full moon heightens psychic abilities and makes past karma more evident to you. Saturday night and Sunday will help you feel more comfortable with accepting things as they are.


You are expanding your love of family and personal values. Financial improvement is around the corner for you. Make a practical effort to improve your finances. Work on relationship issues early in the week. Venus and Mars will be in harmony over the weekend. The full moon highlights long distance travel, higher education, and being exposed to new things. Find new things to appreciate about your environment. Stay in touch with siblings, old friends, and neighbors. Establish better modes of communication.


Begin the week with a emotional renewal this Monday. The moon in Scorpio trines the sun in Cancer, giving deep positive healing and empathetic support. On Monday and Tuesday, pray for good to happen to those that might hurt you. Fear no one, but be a support for all who seek help. Stay conscious and grounded during the full moon Friday/Saturday. By Sunday you’ll be more aware of how to work within your limits. Out of your travels and educational experience new career opportunities are bound to come up for you.


Everything we do expresses our values one way or another. Being free is different than being secure. Mercury moves into your second house Saturday night. Issues involving family, money, and food are more likely to come up. Keep working on creative projects, childrens’ issues, and good sportsmanship. Tuesday night through Thursday are good for romance. Venus and Mercury in your first house makes you more attractive to others. The full moon in the eighth house will reveal just what’s bothering you.


Once you’ve accepted the fact that nothing is in your control, you’ll be able to adjust to the consequences of the poor choices on the part of yourself as well as others. Pay off your debts and free yourself from old and stale karma. Do good and allow for some freshness in your life. Spread mercy. Help others with their difficulties and you will be making good karma for yourself. The moon will be in Sagittarius Tuesday night through Thursday. There will be something positive to focus on those days. The full moon affects family, money, eating, and vocalizing.


Go with the things that renew you and help you to feel better about yourself. Monday and Tuesday find you in an open-hearted as well as a creative and playful mood. The full moon Friday/ Saturday will prompt better relationships and social improvements. Be honest and practical in regards to how you’re limited in being there for other people. Be aware of the many things that you have to be grateful for. Be aware and conscious in regards to the ways in which you spend your resources.


You are the sign that is opposite Cancer, and therefore has the best overall view as to what is going on these days. You begin the week from a social place and move through your karma, ending up being at the center of what is going on. The moon will be in Capricorn from Thursday night at 8:25pm PDT till Saturday at 8:07pm when it goes into Aquarius. It culminates in fullness Saturday early in the morning at 4:25am PDT. This is a powerful moon of change and transformation. Meditate on who you want to be.


The last few weeks may have felt like you were being led blindfolded down an arduous path. Depend more on your intuition and spiritual sensibilities. You enjoy being a people pleaser. Being able to distinguish between those who have your best interests from those that don’t is important. Socializing, travel, and utilizing spiritual teachings are most important this week. Tuesday night through Thursday your propensity for playful and artistic energy is high. Continue to help those who are isolated and in need of friends.


Most worthwhile things are going to take time, effort and commitment. Admire other people’s commitments. Be persistent with the constructive steps you take to reach a goal. Now is a good time to work on health issues, charitable causes, and creating a better spirit of teamwork. Don’t expect other people to be as good as you. The moon enters Aquarius Saturday night at 8:07pm PDT. Sunday would be a good day for a party and a team effort combined. Work is hard for now. Pace yourself and enjoy minor successes.


Allow yourself to feel good in the company of others without giving in to criticism, regret or comparisons. People like you for who you are. View being yourself as part of your spiritual practice. Be conscious about what it is in this natural world that makes you more comfortable. Mercury moves into your eleventh house this week bringing renewed intelligence and brilliant social contacts. The full moon will renew your creative abilities and allow you to gain more spiritual wisdom. Seek strength through self mastery.


Good just got better. Your heart feels elevated. Creative juice is flowing. Monday and Tuesday feel like days of divine cosmic support. People will see you for who you are this week. Jupiter is getting ready to leave your fifth house for the sixth house. Once you are happy with yourself the work will present itself to you. The full moon will bring invitations to parties and helpful friends showing up at your door. Take some time out Sunday to work on your spiritual practice. As you give, the good karma will keep on flowing.

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