Horoscopes 7/21/14-7/27/14


Curious shifts continue to happen. The biggest one for you is Mars moving into your eighth house on Friday. It’s like being suspended in mid-air after a jump and getting ready to land. What you owe others and what others owe you will be in question. You are more attracted to astrology, the occult and psychology. The sun moving into your fifth house brings renewed interest in the creative arts. Saturday’s new moon is about honoring your playful side. Pay attention to children and creative projects. Enjoy love more.


Some of the responsibility that has been heavy on your shoulders will begin to be lifted from you. You’re still seen as clever with art and intellect, however you’ll be granted more goof-off time. Good friends show up and you’ll be able to move forward in your social life. Take some time to prepare for the future. Mars moves out of your sign into the second house. You’ll need the right tools and talismans to get the job done. The new moon helps you to be intelligent about future planning and allows you to make the kind of party worth going to.


You are happy to take care of personal passions. You enjoy working with your hands more. Your environment becomes a primary focus. You’re able to weave a good story. Poetry and songwriting fare well under this sky. The sun moves into your fourth house. Family history, parents, and where you live all become more important. The new moon Saturday has you dealing with memory and how to be more conscious about how the past affects the present and the future. Mars moves into your seventh house giving you more energy to pursue justice.


You’ll need to rise up this week in order to make the things happen that you want to be happening. Get out your best talents and skills. The gifts you have are needed. Career opportunities can come to you. You will show a sense of determination and leadership. Mars enters your first house Friday evening giving you a sense of adventure and risk taking. The moon, sun and Jupiter will all be in your tenth house this weekend, helping you to find a place to shine with your highest aspirations. You are serious about meeting challenges head on.


Wake up to knowing who you really are. The moon goes into Gemini Monday morning at 9:36am PDT. People are talkative about the events of last weekend. As the sun slips into your third house you get the desire to ramble, travel, investigate and write a story about it. Music and cooking become great passions with Venus and Mercury transiting your second house. The new moon gets you in contact with old friends and siblings. The weekend looks good for neighborhood parties, colorful language, and the arts that involve working with your hands.


Overcome fear with love. Get over trepidation with reasonable curiosity. Life is about to become one big adventure for you. You are luckier than you’ve been in the recent past. You are willing to take the high road. The new moon Saturday afternoon rules philosophy, travel, understanding foreign cultures and educating yourself further. Look at people and places with the intention of finding something to love about them. Joy will come, but at times you’ll need to work on it. Be at peace with not knowing certain things.


Monday through the early af- ternoon Tuesday is the end of Cancers annual reign. The pressure is off and you can relax more and focus on family, Economic burdens will be lift- ed as more income begins to flow. The moon will be in Cancer Wednesday night through Saturday early morning. This is when your influence af- firms values. The new moon and sun in your second house helps you to make money, enjoy good meals and to enjoy singing and or vocalizing. Work toward a sustainable kind of increase in your life.


Taking your love to a deeper place is what this next shift is all about for you. The sun moves from the seventh house of relationships to the eighth house of mysteries, birth, sex, death, and other people’s property. Keep your cool while other people are being obnoxious. The new moon will allow you to let go of what is not working for you. Venus and Mercury in your seventh house give you the ability to negotiate well. Mars moving into your eleventh house with Saturn makes you serious about your social commitments.


The worst is about to be over and the best is yet to come. On Tuesday at 2:41am PDT the sun enters Leo. Consider this the beginning of a new start for yourself. Jupiter in your first house makes you aware of how much you have to be thankful for. Growing pains are the only things that make you uncomfortable. The new moon helps you to develop a new plan of action. Be concerned with having a higher love. When we do the right thing we make it easier for others to do the right thing as well.


What matters in your heart is important to you this week. Relationships take center stage of your life. You’re ready to get out and enjoy the great outdoors more often. Take time to get relief from being burnt out. Romance should flourish, especially on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Your leadership ability is being strengthened. Don’t back down from what you know is right. The new moon brings romance and a sense of justice. Love what you do and do what you love this week. Move with grace and fluidity.


The party eventually ends and it becomes time to pick up the bits and pieces that were left over from the celebration. This is a good time for you to go on a retreat. Lay low and have a stay at home vacation otherwise. Make good karma by visiting people in prisons, hospitals and rest homes. The new moon deals with isolation, spiritual retreats, and the pleasures of bed and sleep. Begin each day with prayers and meditation, honor the night with a candle. The new moon encourages you to seek enlightenment.


Good times can lead to good opportunities. The last few weeks we’ve been concerned with the matters of the heart. Our creative senses have been tingling. Now it’s time to focus on work and organization so we can take each other further. Good health means being charitable to ourselves and to others. The new moon rules health issues, charitable causes and service-oriented projects. You may find yourself concerned with small pets, aunts and uncles, and the little details that can make this life all the more complicated.

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