Horoscopes 6/23/14 – 6/29/14


You begin the week feeling creative, playful, and a little more conscious about what needs to be done. You are building new work. A creative and futuristic attitude will propel you into the week. You’ll manifest through family, friends, and tribe. The new moon Friday is about memories, comfort zones, parents, and heritage. You want to feel good and so does everyone else. Fix up your home and make it a comfortable nest. Seek a way to expand your sphere of comfort to where it matches other people’s sphere of comfort.


Motivation and leadership are your gifts this week. Career moves, talents that you want to show off, and a way of fitting the needs of the public are all part of this week’s scenario. Tuesday through early Thursday afternoon are your power days. The new moon Friday is about rising to the occasion, being a leader and promoting the values that feel right. Approach love as if it were a grand adventure. Be alright with what you don’t know. Justice means different things to different people, perhaps this is one of the roots of discontent.


A flurry of vacation plans, communiques, and news from siblings and old friends takes place. Be the bigger person, and allow yourself to indulge in food, song and earthy pleasures. The moon is in Taurus Monday, giving a feeling of contentment and good will. The new moon Friday morning opens up communication, reunites you with loved ones, and gives you the desire to work with your hands. Use caution if traveling late Friday night or early Saturday morning. Don’t be in a rush to experience anything.


This is the luckiest time of year for you. Take a spiritual approach to everything. Begin your day with prayer and meditation. Let others know of your positive intentions. Get good people to help you with your projects. Small risk-taking efforts are worth it. The new moon rules long distance travel, higher edu- cation, higher morals, and exotic or foreign experiences. Be prepared to apply the new skills that you’ve recently learned. Don’t be afraid to explore new territory.


You’ll feel a lift of some sort this week. The moon will be in Gemini early Tuesday morning through Thursday early afternoon. Be ready to resolve some of the issues of the past month. You’ll have one of those “aha” moments. The new moon Friday affirms your values and gives you new opportunities to make money. Venus in your first house continues to generate the love vibe. By Sunday you’ll be enjoying your environment more. You’ll be in the trenches of variety, information and movement.


This is a time when you are likely to find yourself in need of a little help. Other people are likely to be calling the shots, thus your sense of control is limited. You have dynamic people in your court with a no-nonsense kind of attitude. Be patient with those who owe you while making a plan to make it easier for them to fulfill their obligation. The new moon rules birth, sex, death and other people’s property. It also rules occult studies. Your great attitude will open the door for new opportunities.


What deeply satisfies you and ignites your passion? How might you make your home better than it is already? With all the growth that you experienced in the last year, how do you plan on maintaining the momentum? You are the flavor of the month in every way. The new moon puts an emphasis on you and your outward expression of self. Emotions, imagination, smells, tastes and memories are the things people are looking for. Do what you can to improve your domestic situation and honor your parents.


This is a time of year where you can find a perfect balance for yourself. You are more conscious as to how you might come across to other people. There are also new opportunities for romance, partnerships, and getting contracts. If you’re in the market for love, now is as good a time as any to seek a suitable partner. The new moon Friday helps you to have a new beginning with all your relationships. Long term pleasure requires discipline whereas short term gains often leave you in a poorer place.


It’s often darkest before the dawn. This is the harvest of all that you have done and been through the last eleven months. A sense of renewal will come to you slowly over the next several weeks. Help others who are isolated and in this way you will be making good karma. Pay attention to your dreams. Make some time for prayer and meditation. The new moon heightens karma as well as your psychic senses. Once the moon goes into Leo on Sunday you’ll have more of a “let’s get her done” attitude.


We have the potential to be at our best when things appear to be at their worst. Solutions are the way to negotiate criticism and problems. Our potential increases when we work as a team with others. Your creative celebrations can lead you to a place of compassion for those who have less to celebrate. Sharing and being charitable is where it’s at. Being smart is not enough this week. The new moon rules health, service, charitable causes, small pets, as well as aunts and uncles. Challenges are blessing in disguise.


You’ll be at the right place at the right time. Let go of expectations and breathe. Everything is perfect, only we don’t know it yet. This is the last week of Mercury retrograde madness. Take care of the things that have been on the back burner. Be aware of the helpful friends around you. You are likely to meet new friends who see you as a valuable ally. Show your creativity in public. Modestly propose sensible solutions. The new moon rules parties, future planning and good ideas. You are the solution to your complaint.


The joy of giving will increase your living. Your heart is open. Creative expression needs to be approached with a sense of urgency. We need to be happy with the people and situations we love most. The new moon rules children, art projects, being playful and rising up to leadership. This weekend will give you more reasons to smile. Compassion and healing can be fun as well as serious. Make this a new beginning in art, love and nurturing. Affirm yourself as capable, resourceful and joyful.

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