Horoscopes 6/2/14 – 6/8/14


Building and growing are some of the things happening this week. Memories and appetites will be enhanced. Motivation to keep partnerships moving is at an all time high. Another focus is communication issues. Being clear and honest doesn’t work for everyone. They don’t realize that lies often make things worse. Be more open to enjoying your family and your home. Accept that no one is the hero when it comes to ego defeat. Relationship issues are likely to be highlighted this weekend. Proceed with caution.


You are on your way to being stronger. Don’t be surprised if you need to deal with some sort of conflict this week. Seek solutions and keep a cool head. Mars is moving direct in your first house and will be opposing Uranus in the next several weeks. Surprises are likely. Use caution and confidence at the same time. The weekend is likely to be nice with the moon in Libra. Your sense of energy and direction is in a first place position. Know the past without being a slave to it. Take some calculated risks. Go where you have never been before.


Venus in your first house helps the love vibe to come on strong. Wednesday through Friday the love vibe is extra strong for you. Financial concerns are huge during this period. Do what you can to improve your work environment. You may just find yourself enjoying what you’re doing. Some romantic plans may need to be delayed. You need the kind of friends who will enhance the healing vibe in your life. The weekend looks good for organizational projects, working on your health or for helping a charitable cause.


Prayer and meditation are your best friends during this period. Help those who are in difficult situations. Allow yourself to enjoy help from others. Be sensitive to the needs of your siblings and neighbors. Enjoy your mystical and metaphysical side. Fantasy is just another word for a separate reality. Your reality is different from other people’s reality. Somehow you’ll end up sharing some kind of love this week. Wednesday and Thursday are your best days for socializing and hanging out with friends.


What you begin now may take until late July to fulfill. Things begin to go a little wacky this Saturday when Mercury goes retrograde. It’s time to focus on that which is directly in front of you. Be patient and remain happy. Things will eventually be going your way. The weekend looks good for being a leader, an innovator, a parent, or an entertainer. Events that are unexpected need not put a damper on your good mood. Stay generous and you will be blessed. Perceive yourself as capable and the rest will follow.


You are socially directed. You are about to break away from considerable introspection. You begin to get along better with the people you work with. Start the week with a sense of gratitude for the new situations that you get into. Don’t judge anything the verdict isn’t out yet. Romance is more likely as Gemini is your partnership sign. Being honest yet sensitive to others is the name of the game. Monday and Tuesday are your power days. Show leadership and public concern on Thursday. The weekend looks good for parties and socializing.


The unknown is forever with us. We may feel fearful as if there was a damper on our intuition. Be grateful for all your thoughts be they negative or positive. Stop judging yourself and allow these things to roll past you. Be patient when things get put on the back burner. The focus is on finances and the environment this week. Find a way to surround yourself with good news. The weekend looks good for sticking close to home and working on family and domestic issues. Help others who are isolated and you’ll be making good karma.


Every day your limitations are further behind you. For now, it’s good to accept what’s yours and be OK with other people’s power. None of us are completely independent. All of us are somewhat interdependent. Love requires that you be vulnerable, making room for others is the name of the game. Wednesday through Friday be open to having a stroke of luck. The weekend requires you to be in the public eye doing the thing that makes you most useful. Seek good counsel and prosper in all your endeavors.


The future is in part your responsibility. It takes planning, and it also takes a council of wise elders and young visionaries. Monday and Tuesday feature a bold Leo moon. It might be time for an impromptu party or a spontaneous meeting of sorts. Strike while the iron is hot and get it done while you can. Be in the company of good friends. The weekend looks good for a short trip, a hike in the countryside, or a dip in your favorite swimming hole. Intelligent conversations rule. It’s time to think and to be smarter. Working smart is better than working hard.


You’re ready to move with dignity and confidence. Your coyote/hyena side is about to be let loose. Sometimes having fun is just too easy. When it’s all for a good laugh it’s hard to imagine anyone getting hurt. The beginning of the week is romantic. The end of the week looks like an adventure and a good time. Take a chance. Go the higher road. Remain generous even during a crisis. Get curious about all things different and initiate your own investigation. Be aware of different languages and cultural practices.


It’s up to you. Important work is on your shoulders. Resist all attacks on the self. Now is the time to be useful. You’re foolish enough to think you can make a difference. Go the extra mile and initiate positive change. Go the extra mile to be kind to yourself and others. The moon will be in Virgo Wednesday morning till late on Friday. Being loving is the best service you can give to someone including yourself. Be open to making more friends and don’t let looks fool you. You could be on your way to something big.


Help your parents if they are still alive. Elders depend on youth to give them a holistic perspective. Jupiter in your fifth house continues to expand your creative abilities. Part of you would like to be an ostrich and keep your head in the sand. You may be even more of a homebody these days. Wednesday through Friday are good for negotiations and romance. Use poetry, art, song and other forms of communication to express special feelings. The weekend is good for paying debts as well as collecting that which is owed you.

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