Horoscopes 6/16/14 – 6/22/14


You begin the week coming down from a socially rich time. Thursday afternoon through most of Saturday you’ll be the life of the party with the moon and Uranus in Aries. Resisting the urge to strike out at someone possibly close to you is a preferred option to take. Stay peaceful and surround yourself with the things that make you comfortable. On Sunday you’ll be focused on your values. This is a good time to work on finances and to work on food, a neck massage or a song.


Good news from far away might come to you this week. Don’t be taken in by a prom- ise that has the potential of turning empty later on. Venus moves into your ninth house this week giving you opportunities for travel and education. You begin the week in a playful and open minded place. Tuesday through Thursday make an extra effort toward work, health, and lending a hand to others. The weekend could lead to a more intensified relationship. Friday looks best for romance and negotiations.


The beginning of a time for travel, writing, working with your hands and getting to know your siblings and friends begins. This is the last full week of Venus in Taurus. Learn to appreciate its grounded sensuality and earthy pleasures. Invitations come to you on Tuesday and Wednesday. Good friends invite you to good experiences. Take the less comfortable surprises in good humor. The moon will be in Taurus Saturday night and Sunday. Enjoy the people around you.


Having your eyes wide open can be revealing, exciting, frightening, inspiring, and ultimately soul satisfying. Ask other people for help when you feel the need. Give help to others when it is called for. Tuesday afternoon through early Thursday you feel most inspired while the moon transits your fifth house. The sun moves into your ninth house on Saturday giving you a chance to explore new territory. Saturday night and Sunday could be romantic. Be ready to be smarter.


Mercury retrograde continues. Take your time and look at things carefully. Slow is the best way to go. Getting careless will only complicate that which is already too complicated. The karma of love, female friends and watching where the money goes is part of this weeks scenario. You begin the week coming down from last week’s fun growth experience. Now your influence is still strong. The sun leaves Gemini for Cancer early Saturday morning at 3:51am PDT. Focus more on values and less on concepts after the weekend.


Your relationship is based on who can lead you to the other side. I mean the other side of your thoughts and the other side of your motivations. Focus on your personal life, your family and your personal ambitions. Thursday afternoon through most of Saturday will be extra fun for you. Be more sensitive to your imagination. Be prepared to allow other people to help you. Explore your intuition. Learn about taboo subjects such as birth, sex, death, and other people’s property.


Saturday morning celebrates and supports Cancer. This week might be best described as letting go of the stuff that didn’t work. Tuesday afternoon through early Thursday you’ll feel a sense of adventure. This is your luckiest time this week. Pay off old debts as early as possible. Seek a fresh experience . Don’t focus too much on your past. New blessings are coming your way. Saturday night and Sunday look good for socializing. All in all, look for improvements.


We need to appreciate our loved ones now more than ever. Begin the week by taking care of business. Find value in all your relationships. Be a team player and prove it. Good negotiation is seldom done in secret. Value good advice, but put any major decisions on hold till July 1st. Be aware of the need for personal romance and peace with your partners. The weekend will put you in a better mood. Take extra time to be with your family.


Your week of light hearted partying and seeing good friends is upon you. Monday is good for romance, contracts and negotiations. Tuesday through Thursday are your most sensitive days. By Thursday evening the vibe gets better and you can express your concerns and hopes. Your spiritual life takes a front row seat. Do something to beautify things Saturday night and Sunday. People are concerned with your sense of vulnerability. Good news will be received. Open yourself up to people who seem to have a new view on life.


You begin the week strong with the moon in Aquarius. Seek a greater vision of how you can use love to make a dif- ference in lives. The mid week is good for creating resources. Spend the weekend focused on family and community. The sun moves out of the fifth house of creative expression and playfulness to the sixth house of charitable causes and team building. Be ready to do a whole lot more service work. Love what you do and do what you love.


Take your time and look at things carefully. Mercury retrograde moves back into your tenth house. Career activity becomes activated with information and communiques. Focus on what you want out of your relationships. Demonstrate your talents and skills. Be honest, yet present diverse points of view. Saturday night and Sunday feature exotic experiences and opportunities for deeper learning. The weekend looks good for travel. Be conscious of other people’s will.


Consider this time to be a place where your sentiment gets a chance to express itself. We move out of simple comfort to enjoy a bigger slice of life. Good creativity requires some risk taking. Tuesday afternoon till early Thursday afternoon the moon will be in Pisces. You are very visionary. Your ideas may soon get an audience. The weekend looks good for gardening, cooking and singing songs. Dance to your own tune. Become more generous.

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