Mars is retrograde. It’s like you have a chance to go over all the actions you’ve taken to direct others over the last four months and say, “That may not be what I was trying to achieve in that relationship.” Spiritual practice is your friend. Pay attention to your dreams. Monday and most of Tuesday morning are powerful, with the moon in Aries. Begin to make things right with yourself, as well as with others. Helping those who are isolated will make good karma for you.


It’s time to backtrack and to review the actions taken over the last several months. The things you did affect you. Now it’s time to refine some of those decisions. Your energy will be stronger if you are conscious as to where you are headed. Family issues need to be dealt with. If you are middle aged, the needs of parents and children both may come up this week. The weekend looks perfect for a trip, or some other sort of adventure or learning experience. Be passionate about what you want to accomplish.


The last couple of months have been dedicated to a deeper sort of learning. Now it is time to apply what you’ve learned and put it into practice. Put more love, art, and beauty into your workspace. Take the extra effort to show style and pizazz. The moon will be in Taurus late Tuesday morning through most of Thursday. Be ready to meet friends and make friends. Relationship issues are best worked on by improving yourself. Be the best that you can be, and confidence in who you are will follow.


The critic inside your head is about to go on a two month retreat. Avoid the hostilities by being loving to your enemies and those you might despise. Be in touch with the matters of your heart, your children, your lover, and your artistic expressions. This is also a good time for travel and higher learning. Be extra conscious of what needs to be done on Tuesday through Thursday. Use your creative talents to the fullest. Seek the good in what is around you and praise it.


This is a time of hands-on learning, where you’ll need to rise up to leadership while you’re still learning the lesson. Mental clarity comes more easily this week. You may find yourself making up for lost time. Do the best you can without feeling that you need to prove something. The moon will be in Gemini Thursday night through Saturday. You’ll know what it means to be in the public eye. Break out your best talents and skills and let the sun shine on your abilities.


We can’t always go it alone. We all have roots and ancestral memories. In our DNA are records of traumas faced by our great, great grandparents and beyond. Your memories are strong, and so is your ability to communicate. Be good to your elders. Take care of leftover housework that has been nagging at you. Monday through Tuesday morning are good for working on creative expression. Try to look at things from a deeper perspective. Take nothing at face value.


Life is a dangerous and wonderful series of risks and adventures. This is a time
to look deeper, and to take nothing at face value. Think of yourself as an explorer to an unknown territory. Address the issues in your life that are heavy on your heart. Early Sunday morning the moon goes into Cancer. Be thankful for the positive things in your life and do not be afraid to share them with others. For the most part, this is a very lucky time for you. Remember that when things are going well we hardly seem to notice.


The environment where you live can have a big effect on you. Do you know your neighbors? Are you on good terms with your siblings and peers? Do you like where you live? Work with your hands more. Write down the things that you need to accomplish. Be friendly to every living thing around you. Where has your basic education taken you? There is a desire to learn more. Good communication will take you places. Older people make good friends during this period.


You may feel like you are correcting many problems that other people had created for you. All partnership issues require good communication. Be ready to do some soul searching. Practice being more patient with others. Most of all, allow others to help you when you need help. Think of this period being a test of character. You want to be more of a lover and less of a fighter. Your gain comes from expecting nothing. You’re likely to do well at yard sales and by word of mouth opportunities.


Brilliance need not be lorded over others. Just because you may be smarter than most is no reason to be less kind to those that have less brain power than you. Focus more on your inner life and your attitude this week. The things you say will be heard. Your desires to travel may need to be put on hold for a while. Family issues are most likely to come up towards the middle of the week. The weekend looks good for parties, adventures, creative expression and higher learning.


The balance of Pisces is found in Virgo. Generalizations and enigmatic notions are reigned in by Virgo’s love of specifics and Virgo’s analytical reality checks. This is the time for you to affirm your partnerships and relationships. It will be easier for you to get the contract and to move ahead with your desires. Your services are still needed. Good friends will come out of the woodwork to help you with your cause. Tuesday through Thursday are your luckiest days.


Looking for agape love and a higher vision for action will guide you to all the right places. Your intuition is strong. Messages in dreams come to you more frequently. You begin the week feeling open and expressive as well as aware of your desires. Stay true to your creative abilities as well as to your career goals. Family needs are likely to come up towards the end of the week. Know that the human condition is capable of tremendous good as well as major destruction all at the same time.

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