Horoscopes 5/5/14 – 5/11/14


Your focus is to be more open hearted and more creative this week. Venus in the first house helps you to pour on the charm. You’re looking better, as well as feeling more relaxed. Monday through Wednesday bring extra playfulness, along with a stronger will to express yourself. The things you want are within your grasp. Your mind is working better and your intellectual curiosity is up. The weekend looks good for romance, negotiations, and bringing a sense of justice back into your life.


Accept the fact that little is in your control during this period. Self improvement is the highest thing that you can work toward. It seems as if other people have the power that you desire. Asking for help can work miracles. Your love life should be getting better. Pay attention to what your intuition is saying. By Wednesday you’ll be feeling more curious about things. The weekend features the moon in Libra. Try not to push the envelope too hard. What you really need will come to you.


Since you are the flavor of the month there is little need for you to be bashful. It’s time for you to get out and circulate with the masses. Your imagination is rich. You’re figuring out new ways to increase your income. Be aware of your karma when it comes to relationships. Thursday and Friday look good for most creative activities. Work on organization and health issues over the weekend. Find a service that you can get behind and pursue it with passion and a sense of commitment.


You’re on the outside looking in. It’s been difficult being fully conscious during this period of Mars retrograde through your twelfth house (March 1st – May 19th). Those who don’t like you are looking for your weak points. There is karma for how you have treated other people, as well. Forgiveness is more important than revenge. Don’t waste your time in fear or anger. “Steady as she goes” is your new mantra. You bring balance, romance, and wisdom to an otherwise boring period.


You are in the dream space where karma and imagination meet. On Wednesday a light will be turned on in your brain as Mercury goes into Gemini. Begin the week
by practicing your favorite hobbies. Focus on family and domestic issues as we get into Thursday and Friday. Continue to helps those who are isolated or are in worse shape than you. The weekend will be like a breath of fresh air for you. Work on creative projects, romance, and the ability to help your children or demonstrate leadership.


The demands of work, service to others, and staying healthy can be fairly difficult during this period. You have some good ideas on maintaining a sense of balance. When we give to others we stimulate our own immune systems. Humility is key. Bluster and exaggeration will get you nowhere. What really matters in your heart will be made clear early in the week. Try to stay fairly close to home during the weekend. Sharpen your skills and be available for neighbors, siblings and friends.


Be thankful for the now. You have more blessings going for you than you realize. Grateful people are said to have better relationships with other people. Find new ways to be inspired and creative at the workplace. Try new things when it comes to romance, marriage, and love affairs. Be aware of friends who are offering you assistance. Be open to making new friends. Make plans for the future, and seek positive solutions to whatever is challenging you. The weekend is good for Mom and domestic projects.


The good news is that you now have an opportunity to express your creativity and what really matters in your heart. Perfect your leadership skills. Thursday and Friday have you trying some new things in order to take the high road. Overcome your fears about being not good enough. No one is good enough. Trying and doing are what really count. The weekend has you in the public eye. Your talents and skills will be seen by others. Do what you can to help family and to do things to improve your personal health.


The week begins on a positive note with the moon in Leo. On Monday and Tuesday your influence will be strong. Career, personal talents and skills and your relationship with the public is where your focus should go. Thursday and Friday could be good for making money, working with food, or making music. One of your goals is manifestation. Be the kind of person who you would like to meet. The weekend looks good for short trips, writing, seeing old friends and siblings, and working with your hands.


Who do you feel you can trust? What sort of people are you generally comfortable with? Your social network needs to have a function of service. Digging a garden helps you to sustain life in your home. Concern over parents and elders is likely. Rise up and be the mature one. Ask questions as to what you can do better. The weekend looks good for getting out of town and having an adventure. Comfort and function need to go hand in hand. Your creative genius gets a boost toward the second half of the week.


Start seeing yourself as a winner. Know that risk taking activities are more likely to work out. You will get help from a surprise alliance. Go to places that you have never been to before. See yourself as ready to take on more advanced subjects. Late Wednesday night through early Saturday morning the moon will be in Virgo.
All ventures of a practical nature should go smoothly. The weekend looks good for investing and making money. Do what you can to preserve the good in your life.


Make a poem or a song out of your life. The sun transiting your third house brings a feeling of restlessness. It also helps you to identify the things you want to talk about or communicate. You are an essential part of the kind of healing that you seek to give and receive. Thursday and Friday look good for romance and for getting a contract. Do what you can to keep things mellow in order to avoid any further drama. Be sensitive to the needs of siblings, neighbors, and close friends.

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