Horoscopes 5/26/14 – 6/1/14


Your motivation is back. Your desire to be smarter is here as well. The new moon highlights environment, childhood friends, siblings, and cousins. It also gives you more of a passion for working with your hands. The weekend looks good for digging in the garden as well as taking care of domestic issues. Think in terms of getting things done that you’ve had on the back burner since last February. Pay attention to communiques, stories, songwriting, and art. Relationships still need some breathing room even though you desire for them to go a certain way.


Go where you need to go and do what you want to do. I recommend that you think of the next several weeks as magical and gifted. Mars moving direct in your first house allows you to do the kind of cleanup necessary to create justice. Take more risks. Love may turn into lust. Avoid being jealous of what other people have. The new moon rules travel, higher education, philosophy and all things that are foreign to you. Going out on a limb could be a good thing. Take the high road because the view is better from up there.


Your values may or may not be shared by everyone around you. I’m certain that part of you is upset over this. At the same time, there are some things that you are less than willing to share. Give and take is a two way street. The good news is that you are likely to generate more income during this period. The new moon rules food, money, the throat as well
as your voice. This is a good time to put on a new face. Pay more attention to music and sounds. Remain thankful for everything you have as well as for what you’ve experienced.


Be proactive in your spiritual life. Growth is coming, please don’t resist it. Remember to be thankful for your challenges. Practice validating other people’s points of view that are different than yours. Don’t be hypocritical, but come from an approach of sincere understanding. You are likely to be tempted to do something secret due to lust or desire. The new moon in your eighth house rules birth, sex, and death, as well as other people’s property and occult studies. The weekend looks good for a getaway or a retreat.


Congratulations on getting through another year. The Year of the Horse is said to be somewhat like Gemini. This year will move swiftly. It’s a year where everyone must face their evil twin. A good question to ask is how did we get here in the first place? The new moon on Wednesday highlights new starts, conversations on polarities, twins, jocks and nerds. Mercury moving into your second house emphasizes voice, eating habits, and how to increase your wealth. Much will have to do with getting wind of something.


It is a good idea to consider the needs of others while you are considering the needs of yourself. Partnership issues are emphasized. What you can’t control you need not fear. Ask for help and you’re likely to get it. The new moon emphasizes contracts, agreements, marriages, and sexual unions. Be aware of what you’re going through. Be just as aware
of what other people are going through. We are interdependent beings who gain support through our vulnerability more than our ego stature. You can change a situation for the better.


This is the annual time and place of uncertainty. Faith and prayers go a long way. Avoidance will only make your karma worse. What you think are secrets are probably known. You value your sleep more. The new moon will illuminate your dreams, and expand your imagination. Helping those who are isolated will be helping you to make good karma. Friday through Sunday are dominated by the moon in Cancer. This will help you have influence over others as well as have a positive influence on yourself.


Be present with your need for authenticity. How real are you? Do you play the status quo just because it’s what is expected? Treating others as you would like them to treat you is crucial during this period. The week begins with you trying to find ways to nurture your love life. Your creative juice gets stoked up on Wednesday with Venus moving into your fifth house. The new moon calls you to the service of others. Make a commitment to yourself to have better health through proper diet and exercise.


What is special about you is often special about other people as well. New frontiers and wilderness continue to emerge. What was once conquered eventually gets neglected. One of your main concerns is being prepared for the future. Allow yourself to be interdependent. Do what it takes to make new friends as well as engage other people. Manifest the fruits of positive actions and continued vigilance. The new moon activates your social life. Real friends are the ones who are there during hard times, not the ones who run during your challenges.


“Life gets better” or “another day in Paradise” is what one Aquarian friend says to me as a greeting. Certainly those possibilities are there for you this week. Be in your heart, full of love and joy. You have the opportunity to be more loving as well as being more creative. The new moon brings playfulness, artistic expressions, children, and love affairs. Everything is fun once more. The weekend is good for charitable service, working on personal health issues, or working on team building in the workplace.


Polish something prettier than a turd this week. Be more solution oriented. In many ways you are likely to rise to leadership in the weeks ahead. Keep on cultivating your best talents and skills. Make more public appearances in places where you can perform well. The new moon highlights your career as well as where you fit in according to society. Mercury moves into your eleventh house Thursday bringing smart people into your circle of friends. Get ready to take things a to further heights.


Whatever makes you comfortable or uncomfortable will be your topic for the next several weeks. There will also be an emphasis on family and domestic issues. The new moon causes you to have a better memory and to get to the roots of your family history. If we didn’t have skeletons in the closet, life would be pretty boring. The weekend is filled with generous and happy creative vibes. Honor your elders. Take good care of the earth. Use your imagination to plan your next big creative move.

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