Horoscopes 5/19/14 – 5/25/14


The wind is at your back with Mars going direct Monday evening. Problem relationships will be eliminated. Good relationships will be strengthened. The sun transits you third house beginning Tuesday night. Get more in touch with your local environment and the things you’re passionate about. Focus more on communication, poetry, storytelling, and song writing. Be aware of the needs of your siblings, friends, and neighbors. The moon will be in Aries Friday morning through the early afternoon Sunday. It’s time for adventure.


There will be a little less crazy love this week. But there will still be good love. Your motivation is strong. Your sense of independence comes back to you. Your negotiation skills are still intact. Make plans to dream bigger dreams as well as to take bigger risks. You begin the week feeling open hearted as well as creative. The work load gets heavier as the week progresses. The weekend looks perfect for a romantic getaway, or for engaging others in one- to-one conversations. Be confident that you can risk something and still land on your feet.


Love brings karma. You’ve had Venus transiting your twelfth house the last few weeks. Your imagination is brilliant, your need for sleep is greater, and you realize that not all your female colleagues are trustworthy. The sun moving through your second house emphasizes money, values, food, and voice. You’re conscious of needing to improve your image with others. The moon goes into Taurus Sunday mid- afternoon, bringing a sense of security and a validation of your feelings. Physical health is restored.


At one time I heard that Scorpio and Gemini were the least trusted signs of the zodiac. With Scorpio it’s mainly because of secretive behavior. With Gemini it’s because of a reputation of being two faced. The sun is transiting your eighth house, and Mars is moving direct in your twelfth house. This is a time when secrets are activated. Sex, birth, death, and other people’s property figure prominently. By going through things prayerfully, and by helping others who are less fortunate, you will make good karma and come out of this unscathed.


A remarkable improvement of your current situation could occur this week. The sun moves into Gemini at 7:59pm PDT Tuesday. For the next several weeks it will be safer to show your wild side. Creative blocks are being lifted as Mars goes direct through your fifth house. It becomes easier to be giving. Finish off the loose ends of projects that have been hanging over your head. Monday and Tuesday are your better days this week. The weekend looks good for socializing and hanging out with good people.


You become more conscious this week in terms of how you come across to others. The vibration of being a protector or a defender is present. Gemini is your partnership sign, thus you are more aware of your relationships beginning Tuesday evening. Focus more on family and your personal environment this week. View challenges as opportunities. Use your memory to see patterns as well to be able to identify solutions. The weekend looks great for creative expression, love affairs, or working with your children.


Your rich social life begins to wind down. This week begins a cycle of working on your spiritual life and personal karma. What we do to ourselves as humans effects others whether we know it to be true or not. Unselfish giving to others will create good karma for you. Seek out those who may be isolated and need help. Wednesday and Thursday are good days for learning advanced material, as well as for seeking higher ground. A spiritual blessing can be found on these days. The weekend is good for developing your talents, as well as for your career.


You’ve heard the expression “there’s no free ride.” This week may prove to be something like that. You move from creative bliss to cleaning up a mess. Stay focused and organized. You have good friends and advisers when you need them. Pay attention to personal health issues, as this is a time of year when you are more or less vulnerable. Being happy with your family and home life is key. Your career life could pick up with Mars moving direct. Monday and Tuesday are good days to manifest something of value.


Appreciation of your friends and many blessings is your focus this week. It’s time to give yourself a little bit of leisure time to check in with yourself and to prepare for the future. Romance and partnerships flourish this week. Negotiations and being diplomatic will go according to plan. The weekend offers many opportunities to learn more as well as be of help to others. Mars going direct helps you to regain your social life, and to act on situations that will need attention in the future.


This week you move from introspection to honoring matters of the heart. You may see yourself as a reluctant leader. It’s alright to be a little hesitant, but be aware that the iron is hot and now is the time to strike. You begin the week with a sense of power with the moon in Aquarius. Social activities go better than planned. Your sense of direction is good. By the weekend you’ll be hanging out with friends and/ or making new connections. This is your creative project or your baby (so to speak); guide it like an experienced navigator.


You have mastered many different tasks. It’s time to put your learning into practice. Begin the week by being of more service to others. It becomes easier to cook, play music, and to make money. Your prospects for romance look best Wednesday and Thursday. The weekend may turn into something you didn’t expect. Remain calm and ask for help when you need it. You will get it. Your real focus is to move forward with your career, as well as your talents and skills. Your form of creativity will be appreciated by others.


Dream fulfillment comes when we are able to see good in any situation. Family and domestic life is your focus for the next several weeks. Creative projects will continue to thrive. Wednesday and Thursday are particularly auspicious with the moon in Pisces. You are conscious of your potential. Get to the roots of things. Honor the elders in your family. Know that everything has a history, and most likely it’s been played out before. The weekend looks good for economic expansion as well as music, cooking, and speaking your mind.

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