Break out of your shell. Be caught up with spontaneous fun, play, smiles, joy, and flirtation. Learn to make family with the people who make you feel comfortable. Love and fun lead to service and commitment, or just hyper-criticism. You have a tendency to be a little bit reactionary these days. The full moon might inspire a group night-walk or a spontaneous party of sorts. The weekend looks great with the moon in Aries


Seek environments that enhance your sense of growth, expanded vision and adventure. Communication issues will begin to settle down as you go over bills, emails and other communiqués. The full moon may stir things up a bit on the home front. Pay attention to any issues that relate to your parents. Some of you will be feeling the urge to travel. Past incidents come to light. Old friends and siblings are looking to hear from you. Take care of transportation issues that have been holding you back. Fix your vehicles.


You’re hoping to sell the rest of the world on this new image that you have made for yourself. Mercury going direct has helped you get back to business as usual as you try to smooth out the bumps in the road. The full moon rules travel and adventure for you. The sun moving into your third house gives you more to talk about and a greater sense of curiosity. Expand your potential for a bigger income. Learn to give in order to receive. The secret of financial success is enjoying what you are doing.


Your season ends Monday morning at 8:56am PDT. The sun in your second house puts an emphasis on money, food, the spoken word, and things that affect your neck. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday early afternoon features the moon in your ninth house of higher education, good luck, exotic experiences, and foreign cultures. Explore new options for yourself. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Economic improvement is about to come to you. Put on a new face that expresses your values on a higher level. Speak out about just causes.


Show the rest of the world what it means to really live. You own this season and it’s time that you act like it. I remember a Leo friend of mine who had a birthday party where she gave away clothes, books, and cherished items to her friends. Giving like you were generous royalty has always been your style. The moon in your ninth house over the weekend encourages travel and doing things differently. The full moon early in the week inspires romance, partnerships, and contracts. The spotlight is on you; show us your stuff.


Dreams can eventually be turned into reality. Venus moving into your first house encourages you to come across as relaxed, beautiful, and ready for sweetness. The sun transiting your twelve house over the next several weeks can feel somewhat isolating. Help others who are isolated and you’ll be making good karma. This is a good time for hanging out alone and for being in the wilderness. The full moon encourages you to be a team player and a bigger force in contributing to your community.


Venus moves through your twelve house for the next several weeks. The sun is moving through your social house. Any mild flirtation or even a person you date may lead to a more serious and deeper karma. The pleasures of the bed can be good, yet the pain of attachment can be worse. Throw a party to help a shy person break out into being able to socialize. The full moon will inspire creativity and being in touch with your heart. The moon will be in the seventh house over the weekend, adding spice and adventure to your partnerships


Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury are having a party in your ninth house, encouraging you to take things to a higher level of education and experience. You are able to master and learn new skills with ease. This would be a good time for you to go back to school or explore a new country or state. Do things to help you grow in physical strength as well as mental and emotional strength. The moon will be in your fifth house Tuesday afternoon through early afternoon Thursday. Use your talents and skills in such a way that people see your good side.


You’ve been going through your share of personal transformation, birth, sex, death, and dealing with the things that you owe other people. We begin the week with the full moon in your third house. Be ready to deal with issues involving neighbors, close friends, and siblings. Other people may owe you, and it’s best to deal with them with a sense of grace. The moon in your fifth house over the weekend creates a greater sense of fun and play. This would be a good time to blow out of town and to do some exploring or go on a meditative retreat.


Much of your energy has been spent trying to iron out the details of your relationships, contracts, and ability to negotiate. Those that disagree with you may appear more aggressive or confrontational than usual. Thank them for their challenge and appreciate their different perspective without feeling threatened. The full moon can help you make money. Pay off debts as soon as you can, and more money is likely to come your way. The weekend looks good for dealing with parents and improving issues at home.


Monday’s full moon is all about you. Power needs to be shared in order to be fun. Justice can never exist when only rich parties benefit from it. Bullies need to be kept in check. Career issues are more likely to affect you. Be open to new work opportunities coming your way. Romance and partnership issues are more likely to affect you during this period. Do what you can to assure that everyone has a chance to get what they need. Your workload is likely to be harder during this period. Ask for help when you need it.


Blessings are felt in your heart. There is more motivation to be creative than there has been in a while. The full moon may seem a little bit weird, where a sense of deep karma appears out of nowhere. Be cautious not to get caught up in your own undoing. Other people’s drama will exist whether you join in or don’t. Your work load is about to increase. Pace yourself and get plenty of sleep, as your health may be stressed. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday afternoon are high times with the moon in Pisces.

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