Horoscopes 4/7-4/13


A huge buildup of energy takes place this week. Those who are not busy being born are busy dying. Tie up loose ends. Practice deep breathing and keep your patience while things are seemingly getting out of hand. Tuesday and Wednesday are power days for you, when the pressure will lessen and you’ll be in a flow of getting things done. Seek solutions to the things that depress you. Sunday is looking good for romance.


Invite some freshness into your relationships. You’ve been internalizing your personal goals and ambitions due to the poor timing of things. Write a letter to yourself expressing your goals and intentions. Sunday you’ll begin to feel like things are coming into balance with the moon in Libra. Don’t expect things to come easy. Conflict is part of the human condition and the more one avoids it the worse it tends


Trust may not seem easy when things are uncertain for you. To take things to a higher level will require some giving. Venus in the eleventh house will promote the making and meeting of good friends. Don’t take these connections for granted, especially when it comes to female friends. None of us can do it all on our own. Seek to help others who might have similar problems to your own.


Service is love. Beauty is found in giving. Tension about your work situation can turn into a blessing where you are seen as a proactive giver. You have a significant amount of creative juice surging through you. Pay-forward gifting is a friendly way to begin the week. Little things can count in big ways. Take care of your personal health. A heavier workload may mean that you need to take more time to rest and recuperate.


When things are going well people often don’t notice. Problems are easier to focus on because they interrupt our personal intentions and desires. Your mind appears sharp, especially in the presence of others. Work with others toward making a better future. Being friendly is your gift, and no one can take that away from you. Be sensitive to family issues toward the end of the week. On Sunday, be creative.


From self nurturing and a vivid imagination we are able to burst forward into creative action. Memories about history and art from the past can serve you well also. Can you balance a high libido with other people’s needs? You are luckier than most, while others show signs of anxiety. Be generous, patient and respectful while you deliver the goods of love, hope and exuberance.


Have mercy toward yourself and others. You’re running some stronger leadership energy these days. Monday is powerful, with the moon in your first house. You have excellent thoughts on career and public life. There is an urge to travel as well as to further your education. Be aware of your potential and put things in the direction that you would like to see them go. Maintain family business on Sunday.


It’s good karma to take care of your family. We can’t change the past, but we can learn from it. Be the kind of parent, sibling, or child that you would like to have. When we nurture others we end up nurturing ourselves. Show your elders that you are grateful for the help that they have given you. Balancing career needs with family needs is your current challenge. You’ll make progress on Friday and Saturday.


You experience better luck when you try different things. Don’t get stuck. You’re in a powerful place where you are luckier than usual. The moon will be in Leo Tuesday through most of Thursday afternoon. One of the themes will be shared passions. Seek things that give you joy and lead to renewal. You too have good ideas. Putting these ideas into practice is the adventure you’re looking for.


I like the principles of Tibetan Buddhism that say to honor all living beings. Their priests and nuns would ring a little bell to say hello to the birds, squirrels and other neighbors. Love is more than a courtesy, it’s personal power manifest in the most positive sense. Compassion is for your neighborhood. Enjoy working with your hands to create great things. Communicate effectively.


Don’t allow other people’s poor decisions rob you of your peace of mind. Part of your success will be in letting go. Let others know what your needs are. Trying to go it alone is a big mistake at this point. Meditate and pray. Be receptive to your intuition. Magic is afoot, but only sacrifice and death of the ego will allow you to manifest its riches. Eat more fresh greens. Avoid known toxins and carcinogens.


Sacrifice, at worst, can be like “it hurts to breathe.” Sacrifice at its best is giving up something you enjoy to allow others to have a better life. You can never out-give God. There are no losers in the blessing game. If this is too esoteric for you, consider valuing your reputation so much that you love being known as a giver more than a taker. The weekend will help put your values in a balanced and harmonious place.

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