Horoscopes 4/28/14 – 5/4/14


It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. The new moon solar eclipse happens at 11:14pm PDT Monday. How do you envision using your resources in the highest way? Think in terms of your possessions. Do you possess them, or do they possess you? Mars’ retrograde motion is beginning to slow down, and your drive toward a better relationship needs to be looked at with more scrutiny. Family issues can be dealt with during the weekend. Try to eat better as the warm weather season comes on.


You’ll begin to see the fruits of your labor. Your hard work will have paid off. Team efforts, service work, small pets, and charitable causes are likely to be activated by this week’s new moon. Personal health issues can be affected as well. Sometimes it takes three steps in order to move just one. The weekend looks good for public appearances, as well as for advancing your career. Venus moves into your seventh house on Friday, enhancing your ability to feel and find love.


The solar eclipse is all about you. You’ve completed some major tasks during the past year. This new moon allows you to initiate new ideas and to set them into motion. Venus moves into your twelfth house where karma from love affairs and artistic imagination become more important. Avoid chronic liars. It’s time to take courage and to realize your goals. Continue to work on your physical strength and stamina. Money making potential is highest Wednesday afternoon through Friday.


The things that limit us ultimately make us stronger and give us opportunities to be more innovative in our approaches. The new moon eclipse give us a new angle on relationships. Avoid people who are so independent that they disregard your personal needs. People who seem sneaky or dishonest need to be avoided as well. The weekend will give you an opportunity to experience new things and to embrace the deeper lessons. A calculated risk may work out in your favor.


Party while you can, but use caution. There is no simple solution to what seems to hurt us. This is a time of year when you are less likely to be conscious. Deception can easily be seen as truth. Don’t always trust your eyes and ears. Pay attention to symbols and messages in dreams. Be more aware of what you can do to help others, thus improving your karma. Pay special attention to those who are in isolated places such as rest homes, prisons, and hospitals. Get more sleep when possible.


What you want is coming, but you’ll need to pay for it. There is no skipping steps this time around. You need to dive in and do the work. Make good on what you owe others. Your karma is only as good as your reputation and what you’ve contributed, both seen and unseen. Relationship issues are best worked on Wednesday through Friday. The weekend is best for relaxing and taking some personal time that doesn’t involve others, unless it means helping them.


Comfort is something that we take with us. We can’t depend on other folks for the comfort that we
seek. This is a good time to socialize and to connect with good friends. The new moon eclipse will help you to prepare for the future.
Get together with groups of forward thinking people. The weekend features the moon in Cancer. This is a good weekend to plan a party or an event. You have the kind of gifts and resources that people are looking for. Don’t underestimate yourself.


Our broken hearts allow us an opportunity to be more compassionate to others. Dissatisfaction can bring a greater awareness of what is needed most. The new moon eclipse can bring matters of the heart to the surface. Your creative abilities get a shot in the arm. Any issues with your children will be made clear. Do the work with an anticipation for good to come out of it. The weekend looks good for romance and partnerships. Give compliments freely and practice diplomacy.


You are more conscious of your talents and skills. You are able to recognize a need and are willing to fulfill it. This week’s solar eclipse can help you be a better beautifier. More cooking, gardening, art, and music, please. Venus moving into your ninth house on Friday will help to make love more of an adventure. The weekend is best for laying low, catching up on sleep, and doing things to improve your karma. Career opportunities are more likely to move in your favor.


When we ground ourselves in a comfortable place, we can emerge refreshed for the bigger challenges that lie ahead. The new moon eclipse is about honoring your parents and your ancestors. The most familiar relationships are often the most difficult. Dig into your comfort as well as your discomfort zones. Do what you can to heal the past in order to move forward in freedom. The weekend is good for organizational projects as well as causes that require a group effort.


The uncertainty of what you recently went through may have made you slightly more timid about taking risks. The new moon solar eclipse in your ninth house highlights higher education, foreign travel, new languages and a higher philosophy. It also makes you luckier than usual. Take some calculated risks. Go out of your way to find the things that inspire you. Wednesday through Friday are good for career advancement. The weekend is best for spending time with friends and socializing.


Good communication is a gift. The things we can do with our hands represent the passions of our heart. This new moon eclipse has to do with siblings, old friends, communication and our local environment. You have good things to share so be conscious about that. Learn to bloom where you are planted. The weekend is good for love affairs, creative projects, working with children, and being playful. Resist the temptation to spend money on a luxury item.

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