Horoscopes 4/14 – 4/20


This is your grand finale week. We begin with a full moon lunar eclipse in your seventh house. Partnership issues are bound to be affected by this. There is a sense of love and confrontation at the same time. Money and security issues weigh in heavily Tuesday through early Thursday. By Friday you find things improving. You have a sense of adventure and may want to go traveling. Easter Sunday might find you handling extra responsibilities. Rise up to what needs to be done.


The full moon eclipse Monday night and Tuesday morning is all about you as it is in Libra. You know where you need to change and where you need to stand firm. It is best not to answer hostilities with more hostility. You are able to rise up as a courageous peace keeper. Partners may be experiencing erratic ups and downs. You have this amazing ability to do the right thing. The weekend looks good for short trips and projects around the house. Be careful with finances.


Sometimes it’s darkest before the dawn. Focus on helping out where you can, but knowing when to back down from pushing too hard. The full moon eclipse Monday night and Tuesday morning is about making good karma for yourself. Don’t allow your emotions to lead you into doing something unconscious. The sun goes into Taurus Saturday at 8:56pm PDT. You’ll feel a sense of encouragement as well as a sense of adventure. Be ready to look at the world in a new and different way.


Be conscious and confident that you can give better service. The full moon deals with personal karma as well as unseen forces. Realize that you are not alone in your dilemma, and that you can offer comfort to the many people that are suffering. The moon will be in Scorpio late Tuesday morning through early Thursday afternoon. Allow acts of kindness and sensitivity to guide you. The weekend looks good for financial advancement as well as practicing the hobbies that you have a passion for.


Good friends should not be taken for granted. Many people have helped you to move ahead in the world. Seek a new plan to downsize where you have overreached. The eclipse helps you see your creative gifts for all they are worth. You’re able to have a vision toward what your future plans might be. Use caution when indulging in alcohol and other toxins. By the weekend the chances for romance go up. By Saturday night you’ll need to lay low and reflect on your personal karma.


Creative bliss has been leading you for the last several weeks. If you’re doing art, you may have put more of your focus towards your children. The full moon eclipse affects your social life. This may be the week that you discover your next best friend. You get a powerful glimpse into your future. The moon will be in Sagittarius from late Thursday afternoon till late afternoon Saturday. What you need to make happen you will make happen. By Sunday you may find a new way to earn income.


You’ve been subject to pressures that most other signs haven’t had to deal with. You still have growth and good fortune on your side. The full moon eclipse will be between your public life and your personal life. Pay attention to things that affect your family. There may be an urge to relocate or to change residence. Saturday night could be the beginning of a breakthrough in your social life. Be with the people you respect and honor. Carefully choose your social circle.


At times life seems to be moving at a snails pace. Other times you wish things could slow down. Family issues have been the focus the last several weeks. Much of this is being challenged by the full moon eclipse and your career life. Partnership issues are demanding attention at the same time. Keep a cool head while others give in to the pressure. The moon will be in Capricorn Saturday night and Sunday. The sun will be moving into your fifth house allowing your creative side to flourish.


Exploration and research should go well during this period. Taking on bigger projects is likely. Try looking at things from a different perspective. The full moon eclipse will affect your siblings and close friends as well as the way you communicate. Keep on taking the high road when it comes to conflict. There is no one to blame. By the weekend you’ll be in your heart and ready to get down to being creative. Greater responsibilities as well as a forum for your talents and skills will be coming soon.


Getting things down in writing is important during this stage of the game. Working with your hands has been a passion for you as of late. The full moon eclipse inspires education, travel and exotic cultures. You may find yourself luckier than usual. Keep the communication honest and fresh. Take time over the weekend to relax and to catch up on sleep. Your friends will show up when you need them. Your family life becomes more of a focus in the days ahead.


You are learning to accept that the things you don’t control may be in some ways controlled by others. Ask for their help and you’ll be surprised as to how willing they are to help you. The full moon eclipse affects the way you view money, food and personal values. Stay calm and peaceful when you need to discuss something. By Saturday night things begin to improve for you. Your focus changes towards travel and higher learning. Be as just as you would like others to be towards you.


Love, imagination and artistic invention are in your presence. The full moon eclipse is a test between personal values and the need to bow down to other peoples agendas. Taking on a difficult job and being expected to do more might be the worst of it. Overblown lust and the inability to accept no for an answer might be another problem. By the middle of the week you will have resolved things. By the end of the week you may be promoted. Saturday night and Sunday look good for socializing.

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