Mars recently moved into the fourth house for you. Your motivation is to protect family and all that is near and dear to you. Venus in Leo keeps prompting you to be bolder in love and creative works. Mercury going direct on Saturday could mean good news regarding family.


Love has been a very personal thing for you during the past several weeks. You want to be close to family—particularly siblings, cousins, and established friends. Communication issues have been nuts with Mercury retrograde. Most of last week’s mishaps will be resolved this weekend. Focus on your local environment and working with your hands.


There is no need to explain yourself, as being misunderstood is typical during this period. Listen twice, speak once—and try not to stutter. This weekend, focus on resolving financial issues. Mercury goes direct Saturday morning, allowing you to make up for the last several weeks of confusion. Eat high-quality, non-processed natural foods for the most mental clarity.


This week marks the grand finale for Cancer folks. Mars in your first house has given you a sense of independence and the courage to move forward. Tuesday and Wednesday are likely to be fun-filled, playful and lucky. Your confidence and strength can and will encourage others. The weekend looks super for romance, partnerships, and getting contracts.


It’s often darkest before the dawn. Your dawn is coming a week from this Monday. In the meantime, how are things with your soul? Have you been able to help others who have been isolated? Or are you being sloppy and creating new problems to be solved? You’ve been relaxed enough. The weekend looks good for drawing up a plan for your next big move.


First the good news. Mercury retrograde ends Saturday at 11:22 AM PDT. All the b.s. you’ve been dealing with the last several weeks will begin to resolve itself. Friends show up and give you encouragement. Stay loving. Do things to make yourself happy. The weekend looks great for creative expression and playfulness.


Responsibilities begin to ease up this week. Your social life is beginning to improve. Poor communication at the workplace begins to resolve itself. Karma from a past love affair may bite you in the rear. In any event, new opportunities to party are on the horizon. The weekend looks good for family, parents, and domestic duties.


Pretend that you live in a foreign country or an exotic piece of earth that people are dying to visit. You are on a quest for something unique, sacred, and fulfilling. The moon will be in Scorpio Tuesday morning through most of Thursday morning. You are luckier than usual. Act on your biggest dreams. There is wind in your sails and power in positive thinking.


You are not in control, and this is okay. Learn to negotiate some of your power to others. Being in debt is not a solution, but a temporary situation that requires attention to get out of. The moon will be in Sagittarius late Thursday morning through Saturday morning. To fulfill your lust will require a mutual partner. Someone is coming who is as opportunistic as you. Can you take the heat?


Being a user doesn’t make you a loser unless you use things the wrong way. This is a great time for working on partnership issues. Start with being an ideal partner for yourself. Practicality without emotion is like a cake without frosting. Show a little tenderness and sweetness. Show your sensual and physically receptive side.


Working smart doesn’t seem to have the same stoic value as working hard. Many poor people work very hard. Success lies in being happy about what you are doing. Working smart begins with doing things with others as well as yourself for the mutual benefit of all. People love to love you, even though you think of yourself as smarter than most. Get off your high horse and take a mud bath.


When you are feeling confident, you are one of the most loving people in the world. You view life as a silly game where art and beauty are the tricksters, and rules and laws are insensitive enemies of compassion. Politicians tell lies to cover the truth. Artist use lies to show the truth. Your creative generosity and joy will bring you to your next job, lover or success story.

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