Horoscopes 3/31 – 4/6


Know your limits without having to be ruled by them. You should find ways to compromise between your desires and other peoples wishes. The week begins strong for you with the moon in Aries Monday. Stubborn personalities may hinder your progress on Wednesday and Thursday. This weekend you may find it more rewarding to stick close to home. Allow yourself some projects that give you a sense of genuine inspiration. Your imagination gets richer. Sleep becomes more important.


Be the blessed peace maker that you are meant to be. Much involves negotiation. You feel a certain internal energy upwelling from within you. Issues that
began in January may need to be looked at again. The weekend looks good for travel and education. Buy yourself some different work clothes. Be ready to deal with some erratic confrontations. Take time to work on personal health issues. Make good karma for yourself by helping out a charitable cause. On Sunday, take care of responsibilities.


The moon will be in Taurus Tuesday and Wednesday. Do things to make good karma on these days. Sudden accidents, explosions and overly confident moves may give you a chance to help pick up the pieces. Seek things that will bring you better health. You’re likely to be attracted to alternative medicine like acupuncture and chiropractics. Pay attention to what your dreams have to say. If these were your last days on earth, what would you like to be remembered for?


Move slowly and maturely, yet in a timely manner. Pace yourself, as you have quite a bit of work to accomplish. Work in the manner of a true team player. Charitable causes may need your help. Pay attention to small pets, aunts, uncles, as well as the people you work with. Improve upon the services that you offer. Be good to yourself and monitor personal health issues. Get organized and eliminate whatever isn’t necessary. Your creative mojo gets a burst over the weekend.


Having fun is easier than usual. Good friends and good times are easier than ever for you to find. Thursday through early Saturday afternoon the moon will be in Gemini. Invitations to go out, meet people, or to be part of a future planning will come to you. The rest of the weekend it would be best for you to lay low and to assess your finances. Don’t try to top someone else’s reckless behavior. When you push your luck, sometimes your luck pushes back. Stay mellow.


Good times and parties appear to be calling you. You have a second wind when it comes to creative energy. What you want to do may be hindered by the wishes of others. You are better at suggesting than you are at dictating. Monday begins with a good dose of fun. The rest of the week is oriented towards hard work and negotiations. By the weekend things will begin to ease up for you. Faith and discipline are the backbone to your success. Be the kind of person that you would like to follow.


Performance pressure is on you like never before. People expect you to rise
up, lead the troops, and be an inspiration to all at the same time. Keep working on issues you have with your children, lovers and creative process. Know that romantic relationships can change how you come across to others. By Saturday afternoon you’ll be feeling more like your old self with the moon in Cancer. Prioritize the things that are important to you with the things that are good for the whole community.


We would be nothing if it weren’t for our parents and grandparents. We are resting on the accomplishments of our elders, that we might fulfill our own desires and ambitions. Know your roots and honor your heritage. Tuesday through Wednesday are best for creative projects and dealing with love issues. You’ll make a certain amount of progress this week. You are motivated and ready to lead others. Share your goals and views on the future with others. Pace yourself, as you’ll be staying busy.


You’re getting to benefit from your past lessons. You are in a luckier cycle where good things happen to those who take chances. Do things differently. Try to learn in a new way. Travel and education will go good for you during this cycle. Be more open to other people’s philosophies. Practice random acts of kindness. Welcome the detour rather than becoming frustrated. You’ll be in the public eye for much of this week. Put on your best face and practice being humble.


Tune into your local environment. Get to know your neighbors on a first name basis. Learn to be friendly toward people who might oppose you. Know
that we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. Friday is a good day for you to indulge in some creative project. On Saturday you could make some money for just having fun. Keep a journal. Write about the things that thrill you, as well as the things that get you off track. Sunday looks good
for housework as well as business plans.


We are not in control. At times this can be extremely frustrating. Being defensive won’t win you any points. Just pretend that the other person is right, and allow others to own their power no matter how ignorant they seem. Tuesday and Wednesday are your best days for getting things done. When you need help don’t be afraid to ask. There are more people willing to help you than you may think. Stay involved in prayer, meditation and magic. Much of what happens may be out of your control.


What are you trying to save? What does the word “preservation” mean to you? This is a time to activate your values. Put your money where your mouth is. Do you care enough about a cause to skip a few drinks in order to see its success? Are fat free cookies enough to help you stay healthy or lose weight? Commitment isn’t measured in lip service, but rather it is made known through your actions. You feel more relaxed and more beautiful by Saturday, when Venus enters Pisces.

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