Horoscopes 3/24-3/30


It’s your time to shine this week. Finish off any unfinished business that you meant to complete in the last several months. Think of this as a time to clean
up the things that were left undone. You need to start your solar year with a sense of freshness. Relationship issues continue to amaze you. We can’t control others, especially when we have a series of unpredictable shocks and upheavals affecting us. The new moon in Aries on Sunday allows us to see clearly the challenges ahead. Note that every pleasure has its price.


Things come into balance for you this time of year. You’ve already begun to prioritize the things you wish to get done. Venus moving through your fifth house has given you more interest in the creative arts, being playful, your children, and having love. You are able to rebound from previous health issues. Seek being with people that motivate and inspire you. The new moon in Aries will bring a sense of peaceful agreements. If you don’t have the love of your life you are more likely to discover one in the coming days.


Complications arise when we fail to acknowledge that we often participate in our own undoing. This is a time when things can be hidden from your normal everyday consciousness. Venus moving through your tenth house indicates a need to find or create beauty in your career environment, or to have a romance with someone you work with. Sunday’s new moon will bring about a strong sense of psychic energy. Your best move is to help folks who you know are isolated in some way. Be giving and make good karma happen.


Life, with its responsibilities and burdens, has proven to be enough for you. It’s like you’ve been climbing the big mountain—just when you thought that you were about to move ahead, other pressures and concerns need to be addressed once again. Your focus is organization, personal health, and working with others. Family, emotional concerns and wanting to go about your personal business isn’t always easy. Help others, and you’ll get out of your own head. The new moon helps you manifest team building, and giving positive service.


Your quick thinking is needed at the workplace. You are seen in public as being a bright person. There is much on your mind to talk about. Late Tuesday afternoon through most of Thursday are your luckiest times this week. Your focus is on your best friends and on making positive social contacts. Be aware that planning for the future is best done during this period. Pay attention to career moves towards the end of the week. The new moon rules parties, social gatherings and being inspired with others.


I get the feeling that every sign is going through something that is challenging. You are in a space of feeling good and ready to play. You’ve had to accept that much of what gives you pleasure may just be out of your control for now. Your desire to have certain types of experiences seems strong this week. The new moon helps you to be more generous, loving and playful. You may rediscover your own unique creative mojo. All in all you have much to be thankful for.


You begin the week trying to make the relationships you have work for you. The main emphasis of this season for you is your talents and skills and how you relate to the public. Look as to how your feelings of insecurity might make others feel. Find things that build your confidence as well as the confidence of others. The new moon brings you an opportunity to show your leadership ability. There is a place for conformity, sort of like when everyone recycles or turns lights off that they aren’t using.


You are more conscious of your roots and of your family these days. Every action we take has a history as to why, and an impulse as to where. You’re in a more sensitive space where you are focused on your feelings. The people that you want to hang out with are the ones who feel like family to you. Monday and Tuesday are strong days with the moon in Capricorn. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday are good for working on finances. The new moon Sunday is a good day to call your mother, clean your house, and to reflect on good situations.


Gains and losses will be less of a focus for you this week. You are in a more curious space and have a sense of adventure. You are in a better position to help others. You adopt a more philosophical attitude towards romance and your relationships. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday are best for romance. Keep your patience, as challenges may come up towards the end of the week. The new moon rules good fortune, music, philosophy, long distance travel, and higher education. Be ready to try something new.


There is much that needs to be discussed during this time. We truly are in a place where extreme good and extreme evil collide. Light will always overcome darkness
in the long run. Even after the sun sets and before it rises, its light begins to illuminate our paths. The moon will be in Aquarius late Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. You have something important to say. The new moon will activate your ability to communicate. Check in with your siblings and with childhood friends.


Peaceful negotiation isn’t easy with people that don’t want to negotiate. This is a time of year when it’s good to accept other peoples willingness to help you. Monday and Tuesday are good for creative expression. Wednesday and Thursday
the focus should be on getting the work done. Friday and Saturday are good for romance and catching a breather. The new moon on Sunday emphasizes birth, sex, death, other people properties and occult studies. Pray about the things you desire, and or feel an urgent need to accomplish.


Your mind is in a place where faith is important once again. Believe in your own intelligence for starters. Thursday evening through most of Saturday the moon will be in Pisces. Your values can be effectively shared during this time. The new moon in your second house on Sunday has to do with reevaluating your finances, your diet, and the things you value. Getting rid of fear is a common theme during the coming days. Doing what is right makes the wrong-doers cringe and look for a place to hide.

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