Horoscopes 3/17 – 3/23


This is the week where you take the reigns of the zodiac once more. The sun goes into Aries with the spring equi- nox at 9:57am PDT. There is a very deep martial feel to this spring, with the moon in Scorpio conjoining Saturn later that day. Get ready for political oppression along with an extremely resilient underground movement resist- ing those oppressive forces. Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn will help erode those structures. Pay attention to messages in your dreams.


You begin the week on a high note with the moon and Mars in Libra. You are emotionally sensitive to the needs of others. Wednesday and Thursday are good for making money and dealing with your personal values. The spring equinox puts the sun in your seventh house. Your libido rises and you become more likely to engage in unconventional relationships over the next several weeks. The weekend looks good for short trips, song writing, poetry and anything that involves working with your hands.


We move away from helpful friends and a party-like atmosphere, to a place where you need to deal with your personal karma. Venus remains in your midheaven, allowing you to add more beauty and art to the workplace. Friends with good ideas are all around you. Pay your bills, help those who are isolated, and you’ll be making good karma. The spring season brings a deeper commitment to relationships and a renewal from the way things were done in the past. Wednesday looks like your best day.


The past several weeks of heartfelt creative play, and love affairs give way to service work, charitable causes and working with others. The moon will
be in Scorpio Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday you’re likely to gain both intellectual as well as spiritual knowledge. Thursday you’ll need to focus on long term goals and the things that challenge you. The weekend looks good
for singing, cooking, making money, and working on your core values. Keep working on the things that bring good health.


Your season of responsibility gives way to a period of more ease and leisure. Monday and Tuesday find you in a creative and generous mood. On Thursday the vibe changes and your social connections become more important to you. This is a good time to plan for the future. The weekend looks good for romance, partnership and diplomacy. You’ll still find yourself working hard this week. New career opportunities may present themselves as Mercury moves into your tenth house on Monday.


Being bound to your home is not the typical place we expect you to be. For the last several weeks, family, home, and your parental upbringing have been your focus. As of Thursday, with the spring equinox, the focus moves towards creative expression, your children, being playful, and having a lover. The moon will be in Sagittarius from Friday morning till mid-day Sunday. You are ready to rock and roll. Personal satisfaction shouldn’t be too hard for you to find. Set your sails for a new adventure.


After a long period of good fortune and higher learning, there comes a time when you need to rise up and accept some new responsibilities. Wednesday and Thursday are good days for creative projects, love affairs, being with children, and getting in touch with your inner clown. The end of the week is good for organizing, service work, and for helping charitable causes. By Sunday afternoon you’ll have a chance to reflect on the things that give you balance. Brush off your best talents and skills.


All of your research, study and exploration will need to take a change directions. Parental and familial needs take precedence as we get to the later part of the week. On St. Patty’s Day you are likely to be seen on the town making the rounds. By the time we get to the weekend you’re likely to be laying low or working on your taxes. The moon goes into Capricorn Sunday afternoon at 1:03pm PDT. You’ll need to adjust to new challenges. You have the wisdom it takes to make good decisions.


You’ve been through so much that is out of your control. Later this week you’ll get a renewal of energy. This is a time where you’ll get a chance to educate yourself on a deeper level. The beginning of the week presents an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and friends. During the mid-week it’s best to focus on domestic challenges. By Friday you’ll breathe a sigh of relief and begin to enjoy yourself once again. The weekend looks good for travel and exotic experiences. Have fun.


Dealing with economics and the nuts and bolts of life gets boring after a while.
You are poised for some new challenges. You won’t settle for superficial forms of knowledge; you’re hungry for deeper truths. Monday and Tuesday are lucky days for you where you’re likely to learn something new. Wednesday and Thursday are best for pushing your career agenda. The weekend looks like a good party. You’ll find yourself socializing with good friends. It’s also a good time to make preparations for the future.


Your relationships and time of diplomacy intensifies. You’re going to be more interested in occult studies like astrology and ESP. You’ll be more likely to find yourself responsible for other people’s property, and/ or getting yourself in debt. The good news is that more people are likely to help you when you ask for there help. Economic opportunities are likely on Monday and Tuesday. The weekend looks good for taking care of domestic duties and for helping out parents and older family members.


You have a little over three days left to revel in your season. Mercury’s move into Pisces insures that you will be as mentally clear as you need to be to set yourself in the right direction. Wednesday and Thursday are good days for higher learning, philosophy and taking risks. The weekend is a good time to work on your best talents and skills. You’re more likely to be in the public eye during these days. Once Thursday hits you’ll be more focused on food, money, and speaking your mind.

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