This week begins with public ambition and the leftover fallout from last Sunday’s full moon. You are in a conscious place where you need to make a decision. Overcome petty fears. Accept the fact that you are the captain of your ship. Family issues become activated. Do things to honor your parents. Avoid any new plans after Tuesday when Mercury goes retrograde. The moon will be in Aries on Saturday and Sunday. Seek new solutions to physical as well as emotional problems.


Be aware of excess gossip. What kind of information really inspires you? Why are you learning what you’re learning? Let us take our minds to a higher place of love, compassion, and deeper understanding. Taking your consciousness to a deeper place is what this week is all about. Meditate on being at the right place at the right time. Catch up on communication with siblings and friends. Lay low over the weekend, as there is  nothing better than sleep and relaxation.


The Gemini people that I have known all have somewhat eccentric values. They like to spend money on creative projects. Mercury goes retrograde early Wednesday morning. Don’t spend money on anything other than the necessities of life after Tuesday. Keep things simple and save yourself some heartache. Tuesday and Wednesday invite exotic experiences and higher learning. The weekend looks like a great time for parties and hanging with new people.


Mood swings are common with us, especially right after a full moon. Much is focused on taking a new direction. Jupiter moves into your first house Tuesday, heralding a year of growth and expansion. This is thought to be a lucky time for you. Sometimes with growth there are growing pains. Thursday and Friday are great days for travel. Be open to a magical world every day. You’ll need to be at your best over the weekend as you’re likely to be seen.


Your relationship with yourself ultimately affects your relationship with others. Get some alone time when you can. Grab a nap or get some extra sleep. You’ll get a boost from Venus entering your first house on Thursday. Your imagination is active and you’ll feel like being creative. Otherwise, help others that are isolated or less fortunate than yourself. This is a time of karma for you. Start each day with a prayer. The weekend looks great for travel and exploration.


Mercury goes retrograde in your eleventh house. Situations involving your friends and their troubles are likely to come up. Your social world will be facing some type of challenge. You begin Monday creatively inspired. There is a lot of information dealing with social changes. Some of last month’s career challenges will begin to settle down. Take time to do things that your future self will thank you for. Thursday and Friday are your best days.


Venus moves from your career house to your social house this week. This is a good time to catch up with your friends and to throw some sort of creative party. Seek a better plan for dealing with future challenges. Tuesday and Wednesday are great days for dealing with your kids and creating more art. You are in the public eye more this week. Show off your best talents and skills. Beware of Mercury retrograde. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.


This is the best time of year for you when it comes to travel and exploration. It’s also a good time for taking on challenges that you previously might have thought were too big for you. Be a part of having a higher love. Do things to nurture a better future for yourself and others. Sexual curiosity is still high. Initiate a safe dialog on your sexual desires. Thursday and Friday are higher-vibration days for love, play and creation. Work on chores over the weekend.


Jupiter moves into your eighth house this week. Just when you thought there was too much sex, birth, and death, you get another hit of intensity. Avoid borrowing money after Wednesday. Seek a resolution to any disputes you may have had. This may be a good time to give in to other people’s desires. Face the music about yourself. There is no need for escape, for fleeing your difficulties will only make things worse. By Saturday you’ll be feeling more love, or at least lust.


You begin the week strong with the moon in your first house. Most everything has to do with relationship issues these days. What kind of partner are you? Are you a giver or a taker? A user or a provider? It’s not always that simple. Work on yourself before blaming other people for the predicament that you’re in. Give things time during this Mercury retrograde period. Don’t break up or make any commitments until July 20th. Things are in flux.


Owning your power is best expressed when serving others these days. The moon will be in Aquarius on Tuesday and Wednesday. You’ll be more empowered to make the necessary improvements on your life. Opportunities for temporary work are likely to come up. Avoid any petty squabbles at work. Be willing to fix things. Monitor health issues and your own level of burnout. Pace yourself and take life in small bits. Turn big chores into step-by-step little chores.


You are in your element. Water inspires deep emotions, imagination and psychic energy. Get over your limitations and be an overcomer. The wind is in your sails and now it’s time to go with the rising tide. Make yourself more available for love and play. The moon will be in Pisces on Thursday and Friday. Love and harmony begin to break through. Be open to things getting better, because they most likely will. Use caution when moving things at home.