This week begins with you having to make tough decisions. The moon goes into Aries late Monday morning and stays till early Wednesday afternoon. Your motivation level is high. You’re kicking ass and taking names. The full moon Thursday is filled with sensual pleasures, desires, and the need to let go. It’s best to be thankful for what you’ve got. The weekend looks good for being with friends, telling stories and sharing neighborly gossip. Learn to cultivate your creativity, your sex appeal, and your awareness of natural desires.


Your focus is on partnership and commitment, with a sense romance and being a peace maker. Begin the week by being mindful that things can easily begin to unravel due to something as simple as not getting enough sleep. Venus in your seventh house adds to your desire for love and affection. The full moon in Taurus can put you on top of your game. Mercury returns to your seventh house making you a sweet talker. You are more flexible with your plans. The weekend could produce some extra cash for you. Keep working with long term goals.


Be flexible, as your work week is a little bit heavier than usual. Be supportive of other people’s projects as team efforts become more important. Begin the week by actively engaging with your friends and social contacts. During the full moon period it’s best to lay low, otherwise you may discover that you have karma with serious lunatics. Get enough sleep, and help those who need an extra hand in order to get by. The weekend should be great with the moon in Gemini beginning Friday evening and lasting through Sunday night.


If people confront you openly for the things they don’t like about you, you should thank them for not going behind your back with it. Few things are in our control. Relationships work out best when the other person is free to be themselves. The week begins with responsibilities of the public or career type in nature. Wednesday through Friday morning the full moon vibe is fun and has you in a more social sort of moon. The weekend looks good for staying home and catching up on your rest. Next week will be demanding in a different way.


Make your home a place of rest and renewal. Do things to honor older family members. The karma that you’ve been dealt is making you the person you are today. You may feel more sensitive and introspective. The week begins on a positive note where you feel inspired to learn and discover more. The full moon could give you an opportunity to show off some of your many talents and skills, it also could make the work environment a little more lively. Things that are foundational for you are the same things that you can make a living off of.


Don’t worry about what she said he said. Live in the moment. Create a space for friends, siblings and neighbors to gather. Be a better listener and get other people’s stories straight. The week begins with a little too much haste and impatience. The full moon encourages you to savor every moment. You may want to go on some sort of sacred journey. You may even find a new route to a familiar place. Communicate the things that you feel are worthwhile. Mercury moves into your third house Saturday, giving you quick wit and a sharp tongue.


The shortcuts to desire often leave us with a cheated feeling. Are you willing to go the extra mile to show the world that you have high values? Are you disappointed with the minions following the heavily advertised consumer habits of the day? The way you spend your money is more important than the way you vote. The full moon can ignite deep desires. Your issues around birth, sex, death, and other people’s property might come up. The weekend looks good for a trip out of town, a chance to focus on studies and a new idea for making money.


You are known for being resourceful, as well as having a good imagination. Both Cancer and Scorpio have claws of attachment. Attempt to liberate yourself from all but necessities and heartfelt values. Recreate in nature. Let the wilderness be your guide. Begin the week with a focus on service work and detail. The full moon will bring romance, sensuality and sex appeal. Awaken the senses. Be with someone worthwhile. Mars with Pluto in the third house can ignite your passion for learning, being with soulmates and tuning in to your environment.


The week begins on a positive note. You may be able to turn some of your paranoia into gold. You’ll have imagination and creativity working in tandem with each other. Jupiter in the ninth house allows you to see things as you never saw them before. Keep a dream journal and pay attention to what symbols strike you as meaningful. The full moon highlights your sixth house of charity work, service jobs, personal health, uncles and aunts, and small pets. You’re likely to have a heavier workload. The weekend looks good for romance and negotiations.


With Pluto and Mars transiting your first house you have become one handsome devil or one sexy temptress. You need to take action. You want to be a leader of social justice or at the very least good business practices. Good friends are available to support you in your endeavors. The first part of the week deals with family and home life. The full moon allows you to have a little fun, and to get in touch with matters of the heart. The weekend looks good for work, group projects or perhaps rest and recuperation after an exciting full moon.


Be confident that you are on top of your game. Seek new ways of improving your career status. Let others see just how talented you are. Begin the week by encouraging inspiring conversation. Find the quirks and points of interest in your local environment. The full moon heightens your intuition and sensitivity. Issues regarding your domestic life or dealing with parents or older relatives may come up. The weekend looks like fun and games from Friday night through Sunday. Let’s just say that generosity and curiosity together pay off.


You’ve experienced enough bumps in the road to know how to deal with a number of situations with wisdom and grace. Good fortune is with you in a way that you haven’t seen in a while. You are in a position where you will do the right thing and those less fortunate will benefit. You might begin the week by making a little extra cash. The full moon has you dispensing information while trying to pursue your own passions. The weekend looks good for staying home or visiting family. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.