Horoscopes 10/13/14-10/19/14


Valuable lessons are being learned as you apply your passions toward a meaningful quest. You are becoming more of a lover and less of a fighter. It occurs to you that having love requires that you be willing to give something up in exchange. Thursday through much of Saturday finds you in a generous mood. This is a good time for creative pursuits. Playful attitudes and coming from the heart is what this is all about. You never totally lose your child-like qualities, and why should you? Make art and live the dream.


All eyes are on you, as you are the flavor of the month. Think about recent changes and do what you can to improve the quality of flow in your life. Venus in your first house brings the essence of sweetness close to you. Thursday and Friday look good for socializing and throwing parties. Attend to your responsibilities early in the week. The weekend looks better for laying low and taking stock in what you already have. Keep all your vehicles in top operating order. Mobility is important, yet it’s best to wait before pursuing something new.


Work peacefully and diligently toward the goal that you want to accomplish. Come to terms with setbacks. Keep the team spirit thing going. Be sure to give, and know that you aren’t alone when it comes to wanting to make things better. Be realistic about your limits and what you are working with. Saturday night and Sunday are the best times for you to recreate this week. Find love through service, and see service as love. You will have to get your hands dirty. It’s alright; hard work can be altered into smart work.


Mercury is back in your twelfth house, giving you messages about the law of karma. Be merciful and do good deeds. The Sun and Venus in your twelfth house cause you to have to confront your inner demons and desires for secret sexual unions. Saturn is good at keeping you in check by either depressing you or exhausting you. It’s often darkest before the dawn. Friends may come to your aid on Tuesday and Wednesday. Saturday night might be nice for a social gathering. Work on ways to improve your finances.


Mercury is back in your fifth house, encouraging you to refine your creation. Matters of the heart may need to be gone over. Flirtations during Mercury retrograde should never be taken too seriously. Be spontaneous and enjoy good situations as they come up. Look for the good in what you already have. Travel can be fun but expect delays. Attend to matters of the heart. Work on organization, helping others and improving your own personal health. Be honest about your own faults when confrontations do come up.


You like to take things to the limit. If there is a subject to be an expert on like sports or movies, you’re likely to take the ball and run with it. Try not to be so domineering, as you have the confidence of Mars in your sign. Higher ethics and spiritual values are the houses you should dwell in. Competition for the sake of entertainment is shallow, although it appears friendly. Don’t be afraid to go to a place of depth and substantial knowledge. Thursday and Friday are lucky days for you this week.


Proof of the truth should be evident. Be kind but stay firm as to where your boundaries lie. The moon goes into Cancer late Monday afternoon through all of Wednesday. You are keenly aware of how you feel in your current domestic situation. The weekend might be good for a little escape, however there is a chance you could make a little money if you stick close to home. All in all, it’s up to you to bring together the kind of people that you like to be associated with. Honor your parents, all the while expanding your view of family.


Expectations and responsibilities are the main course of your meal these days. Rise up to what is right. People continue to look up to you for some sense of assurance that everything is going to be alright. What you’ve done in secret is known, so get over yourself and play by the rules. By Sunday you may get it; begin to walk your talk. Warning: old habits are hard to break. You may need to make sacrifices to make things right. Image doesn’t mean poop. Being real means being as honest about your weakness as you have been with your strengths.


Libra is the sign of your neighbor or sibling. The sun is in your third house of communication. It’s a time when you want to engage with your peers and get caught up on the latest gossip. Education and access to information become more important. Energy picks up with the moon in Leo and a grand trine between Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus between Thursday and early Saturday. Realize the good luck and good fortune that is around you. Seek to work on that which is in front of you. Be curious at a safe distance.


Harvest blessings as you find yourself in a fortunate position. We are in a constant struggle to make things right. Don’t expect to please all the people all the time. If you are in a good partnership, you will find the gold in that relationship this week. Experimentation is encouraged during this cycle. You just need to be ready to accept the unexpected. Thursday and Friday are your best days for romance and negotiation. Do things to bring up everyone around you; that could mean a spontaneous adventure of some sort.


Going the distance is one of your personal values. Seek out ways to strengthen your level of integrity. It’s time to put on a new and better face. Mercury is retrograde in your house of finances and values. The moon goes into Virgo Saturday afternoon at 4:08pm PDT and stays there through the following Monday. You may be dreaming up a new way to make money. Play music and sing songs. Do things to strengthen your voice. Take time to look at all the things that you are grateful for. Find ways to make happiness sustainable.


Feel free to howl out in pain if you need to. Just do it in a pillow unless you want someone to call the authorities. Your psychic feelers are out there and not all that you are sensing is comforting. Late Monday afternoon through Wednesday you’re feeling good and playful. Loving and creative vibrations flow. After that it will be making peace with the challenges you are already facing. By Saturday evening you feel a little more positive and at peace. Be glad that you are needed, and know that you provide a service that people are grateful for.

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