Horoscopes 05/12/14 – 05/18/14


For adults, this week may be characterized by an extra active libido, along with a search for deeper meaning. We begin with Venus and Mars opposite each other in mutual reception. The full moon in Scorpio Wednesday picks up the pace of the passion, along with the sun in Taurus’ sensual nature. Venus conjoins Uranus Thursday afternoon, making the excitement and inspiration for art, beauty, the unconventional, and the shocking all the more likely. This is the last week of Mars retrograde. Plans will form while the real action begins next week.


Monday is your most responsible day with the moon in Libra till 6:07pm PDT. This week is about manifesting your personal desires and initiating activities. The full moon brings your values and finances into the spotlight. You’re likely to feel extra hungry on Wednesday. Thursday through Friday is about communication, education and news amongst your peers. The weekend is good for visiting parents or taking care of domestic responsibilities. Let go of the things you can’t control, and welcome help when it is offered to you.


Making work your play is one of your missions this week. You are primed for a more mature kind of love with Wednesday’s full moon. Seek value in everything you learn from a good recipe to a new song. Karma has a way of dealing with all of us. Your imagination is rich and bubbling with creative ideas. Be the kind of rebel who is able to embrace the universal angst. The weekend looks good for travel, education, exotic experiences and making good karma. Be happy for what you don’t have as much as you are happy for what you do have.


Plan on being your best self this week. You are more able to be a diplomat than usual. Love, partnership and marriage is more on your mind than usual. Nothing is truly fair and very few things are equal. Seek solutions and be willing to hear the other person’s point of view. The moon will be in Scorpio Monday evening through most of Wednesday. The moon is full in your sign Wednesday. Be ready to rise up with your best abilities. The weekend looks good for travel, communication and appreciating your environment.


There is a difference between knowing and feeling. Your feelings count as they activate your emotions and illuminate your dreams. Knowing has a more clear and certain confidence, like the law of gravity, or a visit to a place you are already familiar with. You have the imagination and creative juice to put your desires in motion. Be practical. Now is not the time to risk things. It’s easy to be unconscious about what you say or how you act. Habits are tough to break. The full moon affects your health and sense of service to others.


When something is not broken there is no need to fix it. Avoid being overly critical. When it comes to looking at a problem, be methodical and don’t skip steps when it comes to resolution. The full moon highlights personal karma and secrets. Helping others goes twice as far as it normally does. Thursday and Friday the moon will be in Sagittarius. You are extra conscious about what needs to be done. There is no need to be romantic about your struggles. The weekend gives you the opportunity to affirm your values and acquire a cherished item.


Good friends and good situations need to not be taken lightly. Have you ever noticed how when things are going well it’s easy to go on “cruise control” and ignore how fortunate you are? Be conscious of the things you have to be grateful for this week. Monday evening through most of Wednesday you’ll have the moon transiting the fifth house of love affairs, creative expression, and playfulness. The full moon links generosity and service. The weekend looks good for romance, diplomacy, contracts, and meeting people who can help you.


Victory is likely. Keep working toward the prize. Knowing your weakness is key to overcoming your vulnerability, as well as being able to work towards strengthening that which is deficient. The full moon will amplify your social life and network of friends. It’s a good time to get a vision of the future. The moon will be in Capricorn over the weekend allowing you a positive experience in terms of what you can consciously accomplish. Remain open hearted and be ready to engage in creative works.


Fear not your own potential. Opportunities to show your talents and skills are still here with you. Bringing forth beauty in a way the common person can appreciate is part of this weeks scenario. Plan on helping elderly family members, or doing some domestic improvements early in the week. The full moon emphasizes parents, heritage, and personal feelings. Thursday and Friday are your best days to be in your heart. The weekend looks good for organizing, working on health issues, and finding a way to be of service to others.


What we do on the inside prepares us for what we will accomplish on the outside. Family issues remain big. The full moon will put you more in the public eye. Career moves could happen rather quickly. Pay extra attention to things that involve your parents. Long distance trips and pre weekend parties are likely. Focus on the things that make you happy. Creative ideas continue to inspire you. Keep working with your hands. Engage in poetry, writing and art. Keep your nose to the grindstone till you manifest your goal.


This week’s theme is live and let live. Take the high road. Explore the places that you have never been to before. Be more open to how other people do things. Your libido gets cranked up a notch with Venus and Uranus transiting your eighth house. Mercury in the tenth house brings you new career opportunities. People at work will see your clever side. The full moon effects neighbors, siblings, cousins, and people in your environment. The weekend looks good for romance, creativity, playfulness, and being with children.


Curiosity leads to greater knowledge. Ask questions to verify whether or not a rumor is really true. A message of hope or good fortune will come to you early in the week. The full moon inspires foreign correspondence, long distance travel and exotic experiences. Your talents and skills will come in handy by the end of the week. The weekend looks good for attending meetings, parties, as well as for making new friends. Allow your good fortune to spill over to other people. Your generosity will ultimately make you richer.

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