Her eyes held her secrets of a million worlds

On her lips rubies were painted

When she spoke she sang a thousand songs with a    thousand voices

And yet she never spoke

And when she smiled it was like she was smiling at a sunrise every day

Each one more beautiful than the last

And yet she never smiled.

And her heart, oh yes in her heart, love and sorrow resided

She loved more than you could ever imagine

No matter who you were, or what you had done, or what you will do, she loved you

She loved anything and everything

Yet there was still sorrow

It lurked behind every smile and every word

A sorrow that no one knew the answer to

A sorrow that could never be broken

And then one morning she woke and smiled her beautiful smile and said in her singing voices

“No more pain, no more sorrow. This is mine, not yours.”

And with that her eyes filled with more secrets and hopes

Her lips were parted in an undying laughter

And her smile was always there even when she was not

Her voice lingered in your ears for days to come

And love was always in her heart


by Molly Lane

age 12

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