Hello, this is Franklin. I am Five.

Hello, this is Franklin, I am five.  I have a lot of favorite things about summer in Chico. My first favorite thing is swimming at my Lala and Papa’s pool and spending time with them and their dogs, Dexter, Dixie, Violet and Percy.  My next favorite thing is spending time with my family. Another favorite thing is taking my dog Penny to the creek in Bidwell Park.  I also like going to the cabin with my Gaga and Pop and aunts and uncles, and cousins. Family movie night is really fun too. Making art and drawing is another one of my favorite things to do in the house when it is too hot outside.

The absolutely last thing I still want to do this summer is build a lemonade stand with my friends where I can be the boss. I want to sell lemonade to all the kids in Chico so I can make a lot of money to buy a power ranger gun that I want to get. That’s all. Love Franklin.


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