My Happy Place

As I walked through the door of the unassuming building attached to rental storage units, the aroma of grilling beef, sizzling bacon, and fresh onion rings wafted into my nostrils and screamed happily at my brain and my grumbling stomach: “Yes! You have come to the right place.”

One glance at the menu and you know that this isn’t any ordinary burger joint. The owner, Adam Urteago, has kept the menu interesting and appetizing by offering up an array of flavorful burger combinations: Western Bacon Cheddar Deluxe (cheddar, bacon, bbq sauce, onion ring, organic romaine lettuce, tomato, pickle, mayo); Flyin’ Hawaiian (Monterey Jack, jalapenos, pineapple, teriyaki sauce, organic romaine, tomato, pickle); Lost Boys (chopped garlic, Monterey Jack, garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion). You could quite possibly visit Righteous Burger every week and try something new each and every time. Not only do they have burgers on the menu, they also have hot dogs, deliciously indulgent, crisp, onion-fried green beans, amazing sweet-potato fries, and a few solid salad options. They are also more than happy to create any combo you can imagine, as long as the ingredients are available on the menu.

People have come from Lincoln, over 45 minutes away, just to get their mouth around the Gardenburger served at Righteous Burger. Customers love that they can customize their veggie burger, and it doesn’t need to be the standard ho-hum lettuce/tomato/onion deal. They can get a Western Veggie Burger with cheddar, onion rings and bbq sauce or a Teriyaki Veggie with grilled pineapple rings, sweet teriyaki sauce and fresh jalapeno, or any other mix that suits their palate.

When the mister and I ate there, I ordered the Western Bacon Cheddar Deluxe, and I do believe I have discovered my new happy place. The burger was juicy and flavorful. Add in the hot, crisp onion ring, the cheese skirt, the salty bacon, and the sweet barbecue sauce, and it all collided in my mouth for the perfect bite.

Righteous Burger proudly serves up natural, hormone-free beef from Niman Ranch. When I asked Adam why he chose to go the natural route he said, “Righteous Burger strives to be the best burger choice for the environmentally conscious customer, and for those who just love a great, unique burger option. In an ever changing, fast-paced world, dominated by corporations pushing inadequate burgers—complete with pink slime—we choose to provide our guests with 100% naturally raised beef burgers, and range-grown turkey, because it’s the right thing to do!” The quality and flavor of the beef is vastly superior to the standard commercially raised beef that you normally find at most burger joints, and the food absolutely speaks for itself.

Righteous Burger can be found at 3166 Olive Highway in Oroville, and you can browse the menu online at Hop in your car and make the jaunt to Oroville and Righteous Burger as soon as you can; your taste buds and belly will thank you.

Jackie is a sometimes food-blogger that is trying to balance the world of mama-hood and her love of food by getting in the kitchen and whipping up edible bits for herself, her husband and her 1 year old and by writing here in this space. She likes to keep it local as much as she can, and you will probably see her cruising the Saturday farmer's market, coffee in hand (always), and chowing down at local restaurants. She braises, she roasts, she can do a mean chiffonade and she firmly believes that bacon and butter make everything better.