Happy Molly-Days!

By Molly & Bryan Lex

So we’re getting ready to clean out our garden and heft it into the compost pile, but wait… we still have 75 green tomatoes languishing on their chilly winter vines. Bryan and I thought, “oh remember that movie, Fried Green Tomatoes?” Then we thought, “ehh no.” Suddenly our lightbulbs went on.

If you’re a fan of verde sauce, we’ve discovered a new winter verde using those straggler green tomatoes. We took all these super firm green tomatoes and cored them before we put them in a big pot.

We sweated them out with onion, garlic and peppers until everything was soft and then threw it all in the blender.  We also had a population of late, overgrown wax peppers; they were coming out our ears. We just threw it all in the pot with fire roasted onions, garlic, oregano and cilantro and it turned out delicious.

Creativity is the key; you can use this as salsa, for enchiladas, or chile verde. If you have a winter cold, a pot of hot chile verde will fix you right up. If the doctor would say, “take 1 tablespoon of NyQuil,” I say take one tablespoon of this green goo and it’ll clear all your passages.

If you have your canning gear set up, the verde sauce makes a really lovely gift for the holidays. There are tons of resources on the internet for canning tips, and how to decorate your jars festively. Just remember, at the end of the year when you’re ready to throw everything out, green tomatoes can go a long way.

Speaking of the end of the year, every year for the past 11 years I’ve thrown a Holiday soiree at my house. I carry on the tradition that my mother began 30 years ago. The party food is all homemade; I happily bustle in the kitchen all day to make great food for my friends.

Interestingly, one of the things that everybody comes back for are my meatballs! You start by making your meatballs however you want (we all have our ways). But the key to my special party-meatballs is a bottle of bbq sauce, a jar of grape jelly and whiskey. Whiskeyballs! You make your meatballs separately, the way you like them, then toss the balls in the crock pot and add the bbq sauce, jelly, two crushed cloves of garlic, a couple shots of your favorite whiskey and get it going an hour before the party. People are always running amok with their toothpicks all through the party eating meatballs.

We love this time of year and we hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season full of joy and laughter. Best wishes and season’s greetings from the Lexes!

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