Gratitude like art…

Gratitude can sometimes be a lot like art. Some people totally get it, are asparkle with it, and other people scratch their heads and frown their faces and don’t get it at all. Or sometimes you work really hard to have gratitude and cultivate this thankful lifestyle and you work really hard to stay in the moment and be glad for all the things that are going right, and try not to dwell on all the things that are going wrong. Or sometimes, you’re reminded to be grateful accidentally, or you catch yourself being a thankless jerk, or see where you’ve taken something or somebody for granted and your gratitude turbo kicks in and you become awash with gladness.

Sometimes when everything is going wrong, no matter what time of year, it can feel really hard to see the silver lining surrounding your shit sandwiches. It takes a really special kind of artist to feel gratitude while mired in the bog of eternal stench. Where everything stinks, nothing’s going right, you’ve lost a job, you’ve lost a loved one, your relationship is failing, your bills are piled high, your presidential candidate lost, your heart is broken, you’re hungry, or tired or scared or uncertain. When nobody could blame you for feeling sorry for yourself, when your pity party has gone on too long, when you just can’t get a crack of sunshine into your basement of sadness, finding even a small thread of gratitude to grasp can seem impossible. We’ve all been there, even if it’s just for a moment, or a day, a month, even years.

And when you’ve made it through the storm, the insurmountable sadness, grief, frustration or fear, when you’ve endured and become better for it, you can look back and find a lot that you could have been grateful for. It’s like every rotten thing suddenly has a silver lining because you’ve survived, you’re back, you’re going to make it and you’re going to be fine. That thing that was the worst thing ever, you didn’t think you’d live through, but you did, suddenly you’re grateful for that thing. Because if that awful thing had never happened, then you would have never made it through, never felt the strength of your own resilience and marveled at how the universe worked in a mysterious way to bring you to this moment right now.

I believe that the universe conspires to bring you everything you want. If you’re having a hard time finding things to be grateful for now, and at anytime, just know that the universe and I are on your side and we’re pulling for you. Happy Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you.

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