The Goose Is Loose!

In the most appropriate fashion possible for the Winchester Goose grand opening, I spent ten times longer dolling up in my glad rags and pearls than actually swilling giggle-water. After all the months of getting balled-up by the bulls and bluenoses, we had started to think the whole thing was a trip for biscuits— but the Council decided to mind their potatoes, and the Goose is officially puttin’ on the Ritz until 10 or 11pm every night of the week. This joint is so swanky it’s applesauce, and Tuesday night it was packed to the rafters with splificated swells, all spiffed up for the ‘20s-themed evening. Make that “packed to the pressed-copper ceiling tiles,” this drum is no piffle! The mustachioed barkeeps were hitting on all sixes, and The Speakeasy® beers they showcased were the real McCoy (particularly the Smoked Porter—that stuff’s no bushwa). Music-wise it was 1969, not 1929—but what with all the gum-beating bearcats on a toot, knocking out a Lindy Hop or a Charleston would’ve been horsefeathers anyway.

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