Get To Know Me!

It’s been a crazy week here at the Syn office. We said goodbye to Managing Editor Sara Calvosa, who we have been assured is chasing rabbits on a farm in upstate New York. I suspect she’s actually home, relaxing in her yoga pants and a sweater with a comical rabbit on it, having a glass of wine, and laughing at us poor suckers who still have a never-ending stream of words to read, write, and print. We’ll miss her sarcasm and her passion; she really was a pleasure to work with.

In keeping with the recent trend of people listing random facts about themselves in an arbitrarily numbered collection, I’d like to take this opportunity to reveal 7 things about myself that I’m sure you’re dying to know.

1) I am the only girl-child in the middle of five brothers. So don’t mess with me.

2) When I was in first grade, some of the girls in my class started a club and elected me president. I went mad with power and demanded we all contribute a portion of our allowances to save up for a pizza party. The club erupted in partisan bickering and dissolved in ruin.

3) Now that I’m in charge, I plan to dock everyone’s pay $5 a week so we can have a pizza party.

4) I have an unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who, to the extent that last year my fella and I decorated our Christmas tree like a Dalek. The pictures went viral, millions of people saw them, and we were featured in The Daily Mail. Google “Dalek Tree,” I’m not making this up.

5) Dain farts in the shower. That’s not really my secret, except for the fact that it clings to the steam and gets in my mouth. This is the life I chose.

6) I had a dream the other night that I invited Giada De Laurentiis to my childhood home so I could film a cooking show with her. For some reason I hadn’t bothered to clean up the dishes or get dressed before she arrived, and she was super snooty about it. What a bitch.

And finally, 7) When I was in 7th grade I developed a strange fixation with cows, which somehow evolved to be mutant 9-legged cow specific. Two of my friends and I wrote and illustrated a book detailing their adventures. I have no idea, it was a thing though. Kids are weird.

Managing Editor for Synthesis Weekly. Amy likes to make clothes, plant flowers, and chase butterflies.